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Journal of Education in Developing Areas


Authors: Theresa Ijeoma Wabara, O G Kemjika

Journal: Journal of Education in Developing Areas

The aim of this study is to investigate the psychological predictors of social media addiction among undergraduates in Rivers state, in terms of some variables such as depression, and loneliness. Survey method was used in the study. The population of the study was 13,810 comprising 5649 (University of Port Harcourt undergraduate), 3650 (Rivers State University undergraduate), and 4511 (Ignatius Ajuru University undergraduates). A sample 389 undergraduate students were used for the study. The sample was drawn using multi-stage sampling procedure. A validated instrument titled social media usage scale (SMUS) with a reliability coefficient of 0.87 was used for data collection. Simple linear regression coefficients, mean and standard deviation were used to answer the research questions, while ANOVA associated with simple linear regression and independent sample z-test were used for testing the null hypotheses.The study found that depression and loneliness independently predicts social media addiction. It was therefore concluded that social media addiction is a psychological behavioural problem that need to betackle by all academic stakeholders. And are positively predicted by loneliness and depression. The study recommended among others that; school authorities should endeavor to regulate the level of utilization of social networking sites as well as encourage positive use of social networking sites by students; government school authorities and parents should endeavor to health behaviours that reduces depression and loneliness among the students; and students should rather engage in social healthy relationship than become engrossed in the use of social media sites which retards their academic progress.