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Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Research

Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Research

Impact of electromagnetic interface of soft magnetic sensor on IoTs current detector: Design and development

Two-way comparison between stitched transmission lines with copper wires and conductive threads, and with conductive threads only

Using COMSOL to model high frequency surface acoustic wave (SAW) device

Optimization of diode cell arrangement in solar cell array

Application of new modeling and control for grid connected photovoltaic systems based on artificial intelligence

Runge kutta to precise the detection of lesion for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) image

Transformerless impedance matching networks for automotive power line communication

Reduction of side lobe level in non-uniform circular antenna arrays using the simulated annealing algorithm

Estimating global solar radiation on horizontal surface from sunshine hours over Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Joint estimation of cochannel signals and direction finding

Design of a double clad optical fiber with particular consideration of leakage losses

Relay selection mechanism for user cooperation networks using a game-theoretic approach

Effect of generation rate constraint on load frequency control of multi area interconnected thermal systems

Compensating linear and non linear loads using distribution static compensator (DSTATCOM)

A review on energy conversion efficiency mechanisms in quantum dot intermediate band nanostructure solar cells

Fundamentals and literature review of Fourier transform in power quality issues

Fundamentals and literature review of wavelet transform in power quality issues

Design of particle swarm optimization (PSO) based automatic generation control (AGC) regulator with different cost functions

High voltage direct current (HVDC) systems controlled by genetic algorithms based fuzzy logic control

Congestion management in deregulated power sector using fuzzy based optimal location technique for series flexible alternative current transmission system (FACTS) device

Effect of work related variables on human errors in measurement

Designing the intelligent controller for photovoltaic system in islanding mode operation

Multiple-input single-output current-mode universal filter using translinear current conveyors

Congestion management in high voltage transmission line using thyrister controlled series capacitors (TCSC)

Efficacious approach for satellite image classification

Dependence of second order nonlinear susceptibility and efficiency on shape of CdS quantum dot

Transient behavior and transmission bit rates analysis of optoelectronic integrated devices laser diode (LD) and light emitting diode (LED) under amplification and ionizing irradiation environments

Automatic meter reading (AMR) based distribution security monitoring and distribution-supervisory control and data acquisition (D-SCADA) control

Ultra-wide microstrip band pass filter using short circuited stubs

Low-frequency power oscillation damping enhancement and voltage improvement using unified power flow controller (UPFC) in multi-machine power system

High transmission bit rate of multi giga bit per second for short range optical wireless access communication networks

A Tabu search algorithm for multi-objective purpose of feeder reconfiguration

A neuro fuzzy model of an induction motor for voltage stability analysis using continuation load flow

Design and development of fuzzy logic controller to control the speed of permanent magnet synchronous motor

System reconfiguration and service restoration of primary distribution systems augmented by capacitors using a new level-wise approach

Torque control in magnet flux estimation method of vector control with armature resistance estimation function of SPMSM using adaptive identification

High reliability single-phase uninterruptible power supply

Radio access network (RAN) architecture development for a 4G Mobile system with reduced interference

Artificial neural networks applied to DGA for fault diagnosis in oil-filled power transformers

Non-polarizing beam splitter and antireflection coating design

Locational marginal pricing approach to minimize congestion in restructured power market

Reducing torsional oscillation and performance improvement of industrial drives using PI along with additional feedbacks

A feed antenna for dielectric spheres lens in the Ka band

A new scheme of image watermarking based on fuzzy clustering theory

Rotor angle stability analysis of a distributed generator connected to distribution network

Comparison performance evolution of different transmission techniques with bi-directional distributed Raman gain amplification technique in high capacity optical networks

Permanent magnet flux estimation method of vector control SPMSM using adaptive identification

Measurement of exposure of radio frequency field (RF) radiation from global system for mobile communication (GSM) masts

An application of FDTD using quadratic extrapolation

Design and implementation of a model (ADS-3G) of a traffic light using automated solar power supply

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