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Journal of Egyptian History

Journal of Egyptian History

Ramsès XI, le premier prophète d’Amon et l’ascension de Piankh à Thèbes pendant l’Aire de la Renaissance

Merenptah und Amenmesse: Entwurf einer alternativen Chronologie

Some Observations on Name Rings: towards a Typology

A New Astronomically Based Chronological Model for the Egyptian Old Kingdom

Integration of Foreigners in Egypt: The Relief of Amenhotep ii Shooting Arrows at a Copper Ingot and Related Scenes

The Order of the Kushite Kings According to Sources from the Eastern Desert and Thebes. Or: Shabataka was here first!

Agents of Construction: Ancient Egyptian Rock Inscriptions as Tools of Site Formation and Modern Functional Parallels

The Servants of Khonsu in Thebes Neferhotep and its Hierarchy of ḥm-nṯr Priests during the Twenty-First Dynasty

Beiträge zur Geschichte der Dritten Zwischenzeit

A Document Relating to the Cult of Arsinoe and Philotera

The Satrap Stela: A Middle Ground Approach

The Sixth Heracleopolitan King Merikare Khety

La « garde du fleuve » dans l’Egypte hellénistique et romaine

Evidence for Administration of the Nubian Fortresses in the Late Middle Kingdom: P. Ramesseum 18

Evidence for Administration of the Nubian Fortresses in the Late Middle Kingdom: The Semna Dispatches

Neshor at Elephantine in Late Saite Egypt

The Tepi Shemu Feast: A Tool for Testing Chronologies of Dynasty 21 to 25?

Die Reihenfolge der kuschitischen Könige

The Political Realism of the Egyptian Elite: A Comparison between The Teaching For Merikare and Niccolò Machiavelli’s Il Principe

The Theban Kingdom of Dynasty 16: Its Rise, Administration and Politics

Die „Großfürsten der Libu“ im westlichen Delta in der späten 22. Dynastie

Ancient States and Pharaonic Egypt: An Agenda for Future Research

Patronage and Other Logics of Social Organization in Ancient Egypt during the IIIrd Millennium bce

Quarrying Beautiful Bekhen Stone for the Pharaoh: The Exploitation of Wadi Hammamat in the Reign of Amenemhat III

The Year 16 graffito of Akhenaten in Dayr Abū Ḥinnis. A Contribution to the Study of the Later Years of Nefertiti

The Collapse of Faience Figurine Production at the End of the Middle Kingdom: Reading the History of an Epoch between Postmodernism and Grand Narrative

Die Sicherung der ethnischen Ordnung: Das Wandbild eines eigenartigen nubischen Streitwagens im Grab des Huy, Vizekönig von Kusch (Neues Reich)Preservation of the Ethnic Order: A Painting of a Curious Nubian Chariot in the Tomb of Huy, Viceroy of Kush (New Kingdom)

Ship Timber and the Reuse of Wood in Ancient Egypt

The Problem of Meritefnut: A “God’s Wife” During the 25th–26th Dynasties

Controversies about Chronology

Two Studies in 21st Dynasty ChronologyI: Deconstructing Manetho’s 21st DynastyII: The Datelines of High Priest Menkheperre

Figurative Expressions Referring to Animals in Royal Inscriptions of the 18th Dynasty

Prince Seti-Merenptah, Chancellor Bay, and the Bark Shrine of Seti II at Karnak

Ein Vorschlag zur Chronologie der 25. Dynastie in Ägypten

“We have come from the well of Ibhet”: Ethnogenesis of the Medjay

The Astronomical Basis of Egyptian Chronology of the Second Millennium BC

Zum Datum der persischen Eroberung Ägyptens unter Kambyses

Le Traité égypto-hittite de paix et d’alliance entre les rois Ramsès II et Khattouchili III (d’après l’inscription hiéroglyphique au temple de Karnak)*

The Egyptian Chronology from the Start of the Twenty-Second until the End of The Twenty-Fifth Dynasty: Facts, Suppositions and Arguments*

British Museum EA 73965 und die Sequenz der Lokalregenten des Westdeltas in der 22. Dynastie

Ammeris/Marrhos/Moiris:Herodot, Manetho, P.Lips. Inv. 590 und Diodors Neues Reich

Die Stele Ramses’ II. von Tell er-Rataba und die vermeintlichen Städte der Shasu*

Controlled Damage: The Mechanics and Micro-History of the Damnatio Memoriae Carried Out in KV-23, the Tomb of Ay

New Date for the Second Persian Conquest, End of Pharaonic and Manethonian Egypt: 340/39 B.C.E.

Herihor’s Kingship and the High Priest of Amun Piankh

Ay versus horemheb: the political situation in the late eighteenth dynasty revisited

Soldatenkönige, Königsakklamation und eine neue Göttin. Zum Beginn des Zweiten Thebanischen Kleinstaates im 17. Jh. v.Chr.

The Phoenician Contingent in the Campaign of Psammetichus II Against Kush

Spatial and Verbal rhetorics of power: Constructing late old kingdom history

The Royal Titulary in the 18th Dynasty: Change and Continuity

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