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Journal of Economics and International Finance

Journal of Economics and International Finance

Capital inflows, manufacturing exports and economic growth in Nigeria: A threshold regression analysis

Sectoral Aid for Trade and sectoral export performance in East Africa

Government education expenditure and primary school enrolment in Nigeria: An impact analysis

The optimal forecast model for Ghanas inflation: A stochastic approach

Gender difference in poverty: An empirical analysis in Bench Maji, Kaffa and Sheka zones, south west Ethiopia

Impact of credit risk on corporate financial performance: Evidence from listed banks on the Ghana stock exchange

The effect of real effective exchange rate on balance of payments in Ethiopia: A co-integrated VAR approach

Determinants of tax revenue in East African countries: An application of multivariate panel data cointegration analysis

Assessment of the relationship between leverage and performance: An empirical study of unlisted banks in Ghana

Consumption patterns among individual households in Nasarawa State, Nigeria

The Importance of financial reporting to capital market development in Ghana

Drivers of economic growth in Ethiopia: Does foreign aid and policy complementarity matter?

Sovereign treasury solvency and financial performance management in Nigeria

Does behavior of clients matter in adoption of internet banking? Evidence from Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

The effect of real gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate convergence on exchange rate volatility in search for the East African monetary union

Institutions effect on households savings in Kenya: A ranked ordered multinomial/conditional probit model approach

Chinas trade intensity with South Asian countries

Determinants and its extent of rural poverty in Ethiopia: Evidence from Doyogena District, Southern part of Ethiopia

The Ivorian Debt: Should we worry?

Borrowers characteristics, credit terms and loan repayment performance among clients of microfinance institutions (MFIs): Evidence from rural Uganda

Birr devaluation and its effect on trade balance of Ethiopia: An empirical analysis

Demand-driven determinants and self-reported barriers to financial inclusion in the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU)

A research on the gravity model of Chinas oil trade in the strategic context of One Belt One Road

Public debt and financial stability: The case of economic community and monetary union of central Africa (EMCCA)

Determinants of efficiency in the Ghanaian banking industry

Gender-wise determinant of informal sector employment in Jigjiga town: A cross sectional study

International financial centres, global finance and financial development in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC)

Bank efficiency and default risk: The case of Ghana

The impact of capital flight from beautiful places: The case of the small open economy of Trinidad and Tobago

The effects of remittances outflows on economic growth in Saudi Arabia: Empirical evidence

Budgeting for development: Lessons from 2013 capital budget implementation in Nigeria

Exports and economic growth in Togo

Bank efficiency and stock returns

Causality between economic growth and changes of the real exchange rate in Cte dIvoire

Can Cameroon become an emerging economy by the year 2035? Projections from univariate time series analysis

Petroleum resources and Nigerias poverty profile

Entrepreneurial distance: A novel evaluation tool of entrepreneurial intention

Factors affecting U.S. current account deficit: An empirical evidence

The pricing of illiquidity risk on emerging stock exchange markets: A portfolio panel data analysis

Semi-Markovian credit risk modeling for consumer loans: Evidence from Kenya

Macroeconomic variables and stock market performance of emerging countries

Poverty incidence in Nigeria: Does financial deepening matter?

The determinants of interest rate spread: Empirical evidence from the Central African economic and monetary community

Empirical evidence on capital structure determinants in Nigeria

Bank lending behavior and economy financing in CEMAC countries: Should we grease the wheel?

Growth and corruption in Arab countries: What type of relationship connects them?

Impact of external debt on the productive efficiency in Togo economy

Towards sustainable financing models for micro-hydro plants in Sub-Saharan African countries: A theoretical review

Effects of selected socio-economic factors and elections spending on aggregate savings (total deposits) in Ghana

Benefit-cost analysis for sustainable water management in Beijing

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