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Journal of Engineering Research

Journal of Engineering Research

Multi-scale laboratory investigation on black cotton soils stabilized with calcium carbide residue and fly ash

Architectural functional design for hotels extension in Amman: A Days Inn Hotel case study

Effects of chemical impregnation agents on the characterisation of porosity and surface area of acti

Effect of oil leaching on the soil, coastal, marine and groundwater in Kuwait

Assessment of non-functional properties for e-services

Unification of mathematical concepts and algorithms of k-out-of-n system reliability: A perspective of improved disjoint products

Multiple-server facility location problem with stochastic demands along the network edges

Production of biodiesel from various sources and comparative engine performance studies by using different biodiesel blends

Design of helical gear transmission systems with high power density

Modeling productivity of horizontal wells in a high sulfur gas reservoir: Consideration of the impact of porosity reduction by sulfur deposition

Novel Coupled Model for Productivity Prediction in Horizontal Wells in Consideration of True Well Trajectory

Combustion effect on the physical, chemical, mineralogical, and microstructural compositions of urban sewage sludge

Improved Nonlinear Analysis Method and Application of Construction Mechanics for Steel Structure

Pedestrian Traffic Light Detection in Complex Scene Using Adaboost with Multi-layer Features

SNT Algorithm and DCS Protocols coalesced a Contemporary Hasty File Sharing with Network Coding Influence

Allocation of distributed generation and battery switching stations for electric vehicle using whale optimiser algorithm

Design of wide area fractional-order PID damping controller for inter-area low-frequency oscillations using differential evolution

Long-term electric load forecast in Kuwaiti and Egyptian power systems

Modelling of a circuit using ISFET(Ion Sensitive FET) for Obtaining Neuronal Signals

Optimal allocation of distributed solar photovoltaic generation on electrical distribution system under uncertainties

Robust trajectory tracking control of robotic manipulators based on model-free PID-SMC approach

Forced vibration analysis of inhomogeneous rods with non-uniform cross-section

Numerical simulation of static and dynamic aerodynamics for formation flight with UCAVs

Solar Water Desalination Using Plate-Like Desalination Unit Enhanced by Air Flow

Investigation of nickel removal using poly(amidoamine) generation 4 dendrimer (PAMAM G4) from aqueous solutions

Innovative loading system for applying internal pressure to a test model of pre-stressed concrete lining in pressure tunnels

Properties and behavior of the dust fallout in the State of Kuwait

Number of design gyrations for 100 mm compacted asphalt mixtures modi-fied with polypropylene

Development of a Web-based Unified Arabic/American Sign Language Bilingual Dictionary

Race classification using gaussian-based weight K-nn algorithm for face recognition

Design and analysis of high speed optical routers for next generation data centre network

Design of ultra-low voltage CCII utilizing level shifting technique and a dual mode multifunction universal filter as an application

Sound quality evaluation for vehicle door opening sound using psychoacoustic parameters

Selection of abrasive wheels by surface topography of parts from hardened steel 30ChGSA

Adaptive control simulation to optimize metal removal for rough turning

Real-time quantitative description of gas invasion in deepwater drilling

Hydrodynamic characteristics of single and twin offshore rubble mound breakwaters under regular and random waves

Numerical Analysis of Wetting-induced Deformation for Rockfill Dams

Shear lag and effective flange width of T-shaped short leg shear walls

Urban planning indicators in sustainable building assessment methods

Estimation of Burst Length in Optical Burst Switching Networks Based on Early Release of Control Packet

Fault Identification using Combined Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System and Gustafson–Kessel Algorithm

Novel electronically controllable grounded series/parallel lossy inductor simulator configurations

Outage and ergodic capacity analysis for Cognitive Radio network under the impact of aggregate interference over Nakagami-m fading

Spacecraft Chaotic Attitude Control with Certain Actuator Failure Based on Integral Sliding Mode

Rotary ultrasonic machining of alumina ceramic: Experimental study and optimization of machining res

A new control chart using the process loss index function

A new method of foam drainage technology in loading gas well

New Insights into Improving the Plugging Effect of Plugging Zone in Fractured Tight Gas Reservoir

Simple and Efficient Compositional Based Models to Estimate the Saturation Pressure of Oil Reservoirs

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