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Journal of Engineering and Technology Research

Journal of Engineering and Technology Research

Modeling of the adsorption isotherm of Pleurotus ostreatus using Guggenheim-Anderson-de Boer (GAB) equation

Predicting tractor fuel consumption during ridging on a sandy loam soil in a humid tropical climate

Application of plasma technology in aerospace vehicles: A review

Fast transmission of image, reduction of energy consumption and lifetime extension in wireless cameras networks

Comparison of bioremediation capabilities of poultry droppings and avocado pear seed cake in petroleum polluted soil

Analytic network process in petroleum hydrocarbon decontamination management in Nigeria

Development of hot spring fed incubator for duck eggs

Impact of pre-treatment by torrefaction and carbonization on temperature field, energy efficiency and tar content during the gasification of cotton stalks

Online electronic laboratory notebook: A secured cloud storage system scripted in Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP) programming language

An improved frequency based agglomerative clustering algorithm for detecting distinct clusters on two dimensional dataset

Graded PA6/PA12 blends prepared by selective laser sintering

Determination of dispersivity in the subsurface foreshores of River Mersey Outer Estuary

Theoretical modeling of strain in the single screw feeder of cassava flash dryer

Life cycle assessment of cassava flour production: A case study in Southwest Nigeria

Measurement of energy requirements for size reduction of palm kernel and groundnut shells for downstream bioenergy generation

The spraying field characteristics and distribution of deposition of droplets of electrostatic oiler

Comparison of acoustic emission parameters for fiber breakage and de-lamination failure mechanisms in carbon epoxy composites

Application of Webgis in the development of interactive interface for urban management in Batna City

Catalytic wet peroxide oxidation of maleic acid: Characterization of copper/micelle templated silica-3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane and kinetics

Enhancement or suppression of dehumidification process by surface treatments

Cement production optimization modeling: A case study BUA plant

Wastewater discharge impact on groundwater quality of Bchar City, Southwestern Algeria: Approach by microbiological analysis and health risk index evaluation

Hybrid diagnosing techniques for analyzing dissolved gases in power transformers

Analysis of differences in internet user experiences and virtual network activities in Taiwan

Effect of oxygen plasma treatments on the structural and optical properties of polyimide films

Characterization and determination of catechins in green tea leaves using UV-visible spectrometer

PSO-ANNs based suspended sediment concentration in Ksob basin, Algeria

Relocation of source of sporadic production using genetic algorithm in distribution network

Geothermal Energy

Analysis and parametric optimization of flux cored arc welding process for IS 2062 mild steel plates using Taguchi method and utility concept

New technique based on uterine electromyography nonlinearity for preterm delivery detection

Applications of intelligent multi-agent systems for smart distribution systems

Performance of reactive powder concrete slabs with different curing conditions

Effect of immersion speed on the mechanical properties and micro-structure of oil quenched AISI 1020 steel

Effect of battery effluent on plasticity and swelling characteristics of expansive soil

Impact of industrial effluents on water quality of Kali river in different locations of Meerut, India

Mass and color kinetics of foamed and non foamed grape concentrate during convective drying process: A comparative study

Parameter optimization of electrical discharge machining process by using Taguchi approach

Investigation of self-similar nature of video streaming traffic in corporate network

Effect of Argon plasma and ion beam on the morphology and wettability of polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Evaluation of bandwidth performance in a corporate network by using simulation model

Computational screening of ionic liquids as solvents for reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel

A comparative study of meta-heuristics for identical parallel machines

Responses application to monitor and predict crude oil distillation rate using pneumatic control system on a furnace

Simulation of a sachet water processing plant using an analogous electrical model

Performance of activated carbons in the catalytic wet peroxide oxidation (CWPO) of maleic acid

Predictive modeling for an industrial naphtha reforming plant using a recurrent-layer artificial neural network

Application of nanotechnology in textile engineering: An overview

Flow characteristics of fluid and its effectiveness on orifice plate using pneumatic proportional control

Modeling the biosorption of crude oil in water using plantain pseudo stem as the adsorbent

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