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Journal of the Geographical Association of Tanzania

Journal of the Geographical Association of Tanzania

Assessment of Water Management and Development Scenarios in the Great Ruaha Catchment, Rufiji Basin

Variability in Rainfall Onset, Cessation and Duration in Lukuledi River Catchment, Southern Coast of Tanzania

Trends and Frequencies of Extreme Rainfall Events in the Urban Catchments of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Place-value Attachment on Provisional and Cultural Services for Sustainable Management of Ngezi Forest

Assessment of the Understanding of Climate Change Among the Ngerengere Maasai Community in Morogoro, Tanzania

Factors that Affect the Adoption of Liquefied Petroleum Gas in Kinondoni Municipality, Tanzania

The Role of Radio Surveillance in the Fight Against Deforestation in Rufiji, Tanzania

Analysis of Geographical Accessibility to Healthcare Facilities Using Geospatial Techniques: The Case of Peri-urban Dwellers in Mbeya City

Adaptation to Climate Change Through Urban Forestry: Perceptions and Actions of Urban Residents in the Dar es Salaam City

The Impact of Human Migration on Land Degradation in Mpanda District, Katavi Region in Tanzania

The Innovative Adaptation Structures of Agropastoral Communities to the Impact of Climate Change and Variability in Semi-Arid of Tanzania: A Case of Kiteto and Kilindi Districts

Pottery and Poverty Reduction among Kisi Households in Ludewa District, Tanzania

Analysis of adaptation strategies of water insecure coastal communities of Tanzania by gender: Case of Mlingotini village in Bagamoyo district

Implications of Land Use and Climate Change on Water Balance Components in the Sigi Catchment, Tanzania

Rural –Urban Migration and Subsequent Land Management Practices in Moshi Rural District, Tanzania

The Implications of Non-timber Forest Products’ Access By-laws on Household Food Security in Semi-arid Zones of Iringa District, Tanzania

Effects of Massive Settlement Demolition in Dar es Salaam Region along Morogoro Road from Kimara Stopover to Kibamba, Ubungo District

The Impacts of Climate Change on Food Security in Tanzania: A case Study of Kilosa District

Analysing Vulnerabilities of local communities to flood disasters in the Lower Rufiji Floodplain, Tanzania

Conservation Fishing in Lake Victoria: Can Losers be Guardians of Fisheries Resources?

Livelihood Continuity and Change: Adaptation to Climate and Environmental Change in Northern Unguja, Zanzibar 1916-2016

The Impact of Population Growth on Managing Forest Resources in West Usamabara, Tanzania

Contributions of Small Scale Paddy Irrigation Schemes to Household Food Security in Mvomero District, Tanzania

Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change among Smallholder Farmers in Moshi Rural District, Tanzania

An Analysis of Changes in Climate Variability and the Persisting Flood Events in Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Assessment of Gender Infl uence in Household and Resources Allocation: A Case Study Utengule - Usongwe Ward in Mbeya Rural District, Tanzania

Factors Influencing Marriege instabilities in Kisarawe district, Coastal Region, Tanzania

The Determinants of Migration in Tanzania: The Case of Ileje District

Accessibility to Fresh Water Resources for Domestic Uses in the Era of Climate Change and Variability in Pangani District, Tanzania

The Role of Community Based Adaptation in Response to Extreme Rainfall Events in Coastal Communities of Tanzania.

Understanding the Vulnerability of Crop Production to Climatic Stresses in the Great Ruaha River sub-Basin of Tanzania

Youth Rural-Urban Migration and Change in Livelihoods A Case of Informal Traders in Njombe Town, Tanzania

Mapping Poverty, Vulnerability and resource rights in Kilindi district, Tanzania

The role of indigenous Weather Forecast in Enhancing agricultural Production in Tanzania

The implication of Fire on Patterns of Plant Species diversity in Northwest uluguru Nature Forest reserve, Tanzania.

drivers of Tourism in Zanzibar

Female Migration and Control Over resources in Tanzania: a Case of Parakuyo Maasai Women in Coast region

determinants of risk Factors associated to Pregnancy and delivery in Maasai Community in Kiteto district, Tanzania

Factors affecting the adoption and non adoption of biogas technology in semi-arid areas of Tanzania

The Elusive recovery from drug addiction in Pemba: How addicted Persons and their Families cope

Groundwater use in Climate Change adaptation in Moshi district, Tanzania

Fertility Myth of Oldoinyo Lengai and Its Impacts To the Maasai Community of Northern Tanzania

Development Process, Planet Earth Resources And Environmental Change

impact of interventions of the Murder of People with albinism in lake Victoria a case of Shinyanga region

Water and Pasture Availability on Livestock Routes Under a Changing Climate: A Case of Ilemela and Magu Districts in Tanzania

Cyperus papyrus in Lake Victoria: Genetic Information, Utilisation and Resource Sustainability

The Contribution of REDD Pilot Project to Community Livelihoods: A Case Study of Kondoa District, Tanzania

Understanding Spatial Flow of Building Poles’ Opportunities and Challenges for Sustainable Livelihoods and Forest Resources: The Case of Zanzibar, Tanzania

The Dynamics of Climate Change and Global Warming: Imperatives for Food Security in Nigeria

Forest and Forestry in Tanzania: Changes and Continuities in Policies and Practices From Colonial Times to the Present

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