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Journal of Geology and Mining Research

Superheated steam injection in North Кенкияк shallow heavy oil reservoir

Authors: X. Zhao, P. Gao, Y. Wu

Journal: Journal of Geology and Mining Research

  This paper presents an integrated study on the superheated steam injection in the North Кенкияк Field, Kazakhstan. The methodologies cover investigation of mechanisms of superheated steam in recovery, lab experiment, and numerical simulation. The study indicates that the injection of superheated steam can cause rock wettability conversion which is favorable to recovery. The higher the heat enthalpy, the larger the specific volume and latent heat of vaporization of superheated steam would result in the better production and economic performance. The study result was further conformed in the pilot test. Field fulfillment is optimized and scheduled.   Key words: Superheated steam, shallow heavy oil reservoir, heatloss, reservoir simulation.