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Journal of Geology and Mining Research

Pore pressure prediction using seismic data: Insight from Onshore Niger Delta, Nigeria

Authors: Ugwu G. Z

Journal: Journal of Geology and Mining Research

Pore pressure and fracture pressure predictions were made using seismically derived velocities from Onshore Niger Delta. Mild to moderate overpressure regime in the study area was predicted using Bowers’ unloading model. The onset of mild overpressure (<0.6 psi/ft) in the area lies within the depth range of 6000-10000 ftss. The formation becomes moderately over pressured (<0.8 psi/ft) as the pressure increases with depth up to about 20000 ftss. Evidence of fluid volume expansion unloading mechanism in the area was depicted by the elastic rebounds, and hence the unloading effect, on the Vint – VES cross plots.   Key words: Pore pressure predictions, fracture pressure, seismic velocities, overpressure, unloading mechanism.