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Journal for Islamic Studies

Without the Sokoto Caliphate, would there ever have been a Nigeria?


Causes of the Jihad of Usman Ɗan Fodio: a historiographical review

The Mahdiyya in Adamawa Emirate: the poem on the battle of Danki (1892) by Shaykh Hayāt b. Sa‘īd

The politics of inter- Ṭarīqa relations in Katsina Emirate from the early nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century

The Outburst of Rage and The Divine Dagger : invective poetry and inter-Ṭarīqa conflict in northern Nigeria, 1949

Politics and sufism in Nigeria: the Salgawa and the political history of Kano State, northern Nigeria 1950-2011

The “triangular politics” of mosque ownership an imamship in Kano State: the case of Sabuwar Gandu Juma’a mosque

The Mujamma‘ Aṣḥāb al-Kahf wa’l-Raqīm of Shaykh Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara: an anti-Salafi mass movement in contemporary northern Nigeria

A history of Shia and its development in Nigeria: the case-study of Kano

Abū Muṣ'ab al-Barnāwī’s interview with the Islamic state’s Al-Naba' magazine

Book Review: Salafism in Nigeria: Islam, Preaching and Politics

Book Review: Shari’ah on Trial: Northern Nigeria’s Islamic Revolution


“Heard about the Good-Deed-Sayers?” Islam and everyday conversations on religious difference in Harar, Ethiopia

“We must all go to the Hangar” : Performing Bellah group membership in the refugee camp in Abala, Niger

“Muslims of the spirits”-“Muslims of the mosque” : Performing contested ideas of being Muslim in northern Mozambique

Fragile bodies and Sensuous Spirits: performing womenly virtues in a contemporary Egyptian brotherhood

God’s Name is not a Game: Performative Apologetics in Sufi Dhikr Performance in Senegal

Book Review: The writings of Mauritania and the western Sahara

Islamic activism as an inner journey: thinking religion as a psychological category

Biographies of Muslim activists in South Africa

The dialogical construction of the Muslim self: a reading of the life and work of Shaykh Muḥammad Al-Ghazālī

Processes of engagement and disengagement in Islamic activism

Nurettin Topçu and Necip Fazıl Kısakürek: stories of ‘conversion’ and activism in Republican Turkey

“I must strive to rectify myself and the people of the whole world”: Portraits of Sunni traditionalist activists in South Africa

‘Complex Subjectivities’: Don Omaruddin Mattera’s conversion to Islam, beyond a political reading and a biographical essay

Book Review: Muslim Portraits: The Anti-Apartheid Struggle

Book Review: Spiritual Economies: Islam, Globalization and the Afterlife of Development

Theorising Experience, Subjectivity and Narrative in Studies of Gender and Islam

Feminism, Epistemology and Experience: Critically (En)gendering the Study of Islam

“Speaking for Ourselves”: American Muslim Women’s Confessional Writings and the Problem of Alterity

States of Being: Public Selves and National Privacies in Queer Muslim Autobiographies in South Africa

Politics, Freedoms and Spirituality in Alaa Al Aswany’s Yacoubian Building

Sexing Islamic Theology: Theorising Women’s Experience and Gender through ʿabd-Allah and khalīfah

Re-constructing a Religious Identity through Activism in an Islamist Movement: Experiences of Female Members of Qibla

Decolonising Muslim Subjectivities: A Psycho-Cultural Perspective

In the Shade of Allah’s Mercy: Reflections on Islam, Embodiment and Abortion

Lessons in Writing, Lessons in Husbandry

The Worth of a Traditional Tutelage

Book Reviews

What is ‘reform’? Approaches to a problematic term in African Muslim contexts

Sufism, Education and Politics in Contemporary Morocco

Islamic Reform in Colonial Space: The Jihad of Shaykh Boubacar Sawadogo and French Islamic Policies in Burkina Faso, 1920-1946.

For the Saudi’s Kingdom or for the Umma? Global ʿulamāʾ in the Dār al-Ḥadīth in Medina

Traditional Islam and Pedagogical Change in West Africa: The Majlis and the Madrasa in Medina-Baye, Senegal

Zanzibar’s Geography of Evil: The Moral Discourse of the Anṣār al-sunna in Contemporary Zanzibar

The Shaping of Islamic Finance in South Africa: Public Islam and Muslim Publics

Sheikh al-Amin Mazrui (1891-1947) and the Dilemma of Islamic Law in the Kenyan Legal System in the 21st Century

Women’s Agency in Muslim Marriage: Fatwās from Timbuktu

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