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Journal for Juridical Science

Journal for Juridical Science

The Jurisdiction of the Regional Courts Amendment Act , 2008: Some implications for child law and divorce jurisdiction

Die bepaling van die ‘sentrum van hoofbelange’ by oorgrens insolvensies: Is die Parmalat-benadering voldoende om die behoeftes van moderne handel te bevredig?

Incorporating Africanness into the legal curricula: The case for criminal and procedural law

Reflections on South Africa’s continued absence from the WTO dispute settlement system

The juridification of sport: A comparative analysis of children’s rugby and cricket in England and South Africa 1

Noodtoestand en die aksie van afhanklikes: Maimela v Makhado Municipality 2011-5-20 Saaknr 269/10 (HHA)

Israel attacks an ‘aid’ flotilla bound for Gaza: A dark day for international law

Does South Africa need a Bayh-Dole Act? Possible dangers of university patenting in light of the United States’ experience

Dying to starve: A comparative analysis of legal aspects relating to consent in force-feeding of both minor and adult anorexic patients

Case Notes: Wary Holdings (Pty) Ltd v Stalwo (Pty) Ltd & Another (Trustees of the Hoogekraal Highlands Trust & SAFAMCO Enterprises (Pty) Ltd (amicus curiae); Minister of Agriculture & Land Affairs (intervening)) [2008] JOL 22099 (CC)

The best interest of the child: A United States and South African perspective

Human rights, juridical forms and the crisis of values in education

Furthering national values through religion in public school education: Comparing the United States, Australia and South Africa

Dignity: The missing building block in South African schools?

Do South African HIV/AIDS educational policies and praxis promote the best interest of learners?

Kronieke / Chronicles: Die statutêre raamwerk van taalbeleid in openbare skole en die implikasies van die twee Ermelo-uitsprake

The four-year undergraduate LLB: Progress and pitfalls

The Financial Reporting Standards Council and its role in terms of the Companies Act 61 of 1973 and the Companies Act 71 of 2008*

A critical study of the recurring problem of repudiation in the context of professional rugby in South Africa with particular emphasis on transformative constitutionalism

The nature of the purpose requirement of an impermissible tax avoidance arrangement

Chronicles: The Unborn and A, B, & C v Ireland

An individualised, contextualised and child-centred determination of the child’s best interests, and the implications of such an approach in the South African context1

Ubuntu versus the core values of the South African Constitution

Die effek van die regulering van maksimum werkure op werknemers se grondwetlike reg op gelykheid

Assessment challenges in the clinical environment

Celebrating the common law rights of man — a note on Blackstone’s work on natural law and natural rights

Change to the age of majority: General impact and some consequences for the interpretation of wills

Die Civil Union Act, Draft Domestic Partnership Bill en moontlike deregulering van die huwelik

The demise of the Roman-Dutch ‘kommer-recht’: Interpretation of statutes so as to conform to the spirit, purport and objects of the South African Bill of Rights

To suspend or not to suspend

The Constitutional Court and ubuntu’s “inseparable trinity"

Repugnancy clause and its impact on customary law: Comparing the South African and Nigerian positions — Some lessons for Nigeria

The Small Claims Court Act: Annotations and comments

Restorative justice: some reflections on contemporary theory and practice

Seksuele teistering in die werkplek: 'n Suid-Afrikaanse perspektief

Protection of human rights in South Africa: public awareness and perceptions

Are the rights of the disabled a reality in South Africa? Part two

Learning from experience: the art and science of clinical law

The sexual offences prosecutor: a new specialisation?

Addressing domestic violence: to what extent does the law provide effective measures?

The Southern African Development Community in legal historical perspective

Co-ordination and integration of social security in the SADC region: developing the social dimension of economic co-operation and integration

Financial markets in the Southern African development community: the harmonisation and approximation of commercial laws

Regime on foreign direct investment within the Southern African Development Community (SADC): a comparative study of foreign direct investment (FDI) laws of select Southern African countries

Trade in services: examples for SADC

Dispute resolution in NAFTA and the WTO: a useful guide for SADC?

Dispute settlement as a tool for achieving integration objectives: lessons for Southern Africa from the WTO

Non-Governmental initiatives towards the harmonization of international trade law: chronicle

Convergence of governance systems in SADEC: the OHADA and COMESA examples: chronicle

Optimising closely held entities to enhance commercial participation and development : the Southern African experience in comparative perspective

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