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Journal for Language Teaching

Linking mother tongue and English academic literacy courses for epistemic access

Translanguaging in summarizing skills: the need to develop biliterate students

Multilingual glossaries: a solution for epistemological access in higher education

Critical language awareness as decolonising tool for a unifying ecology in teacher education in South Africa

Building a knowledge base for language teaching through translanguaging

Evaluation of assessment skills using essay rubrics in student self-grading at first year level in higher education: a case study

Attitudes towards IsiXhosa-in-Education in the Eastern Cape: advocacy for increased informedness about benefits of mothertongue- based bilingual education and relevant legislative provisions for it.

The efficacy of a whole language approach to ESL teaching in an under-graduate classroom

Academic literacy and the development of inference skills at secondary school level

Change Laboratory Workshop Methodology in Transforming Visual Literacy: A Case of Cartoons in English First Additional Language

Bridging the divide between ideal and actual Communicative Language Teaching

Students’ perceptions of the Moodle Quiz E-assessment tool in an isiZulu language course

Revisiting the meaning of validity for language testing: The case of two tests of English language ability

The category Language Structures and Conventions in the CAPS for English First Additional Language: A critical analysis

Dictionaries as wealth of knowledge? Perceptions of multilingual education students on mobile LSP dictionaries

Facilitating active reading through a self-questioning strategy: student and tutor experiences and reflections of the strategy use

Setting a cut-off score for a placement test at tertiary level

Investigating benefits of mother tongue instruction in multilingual Africa: The role of Content and Language Integrated Learning

Reading habits and attitudes of grades 8-10 English second language learners in Eersterust, South Africa

Academic literacy for science: a starting point for recurriculation

Improving writing practices of students’ academic literacy development

Improving academic writing through expressive writing

Developing first-year students’ self-efficacy beliefs about academic writing through online peer collaboration: The case of Facebook

Ghanaian university students’ entry grades in English and their performance in academic writing

Pragmatic interpretation: There is a difference in the way that L1 and L2 learners experience the interpretation of a literary text

Do the EFAL CAPS and a selected workbook prepare Grade 4 learners adequately for the demands of English as LoLT?

Reading problems in the Intermediate Phase: Grade 4 teachers’ opinions

Die Voorspellingsgeldigheid van die ESSI lees- en speltoets vir nie-moedertaal primêreskoolleerders

The repositioning of literature in French foreign language teaching in South Africa: Performing dialogue, diversity and difference

Measuring the lexical richness in English majors’ answers to examination papers

The importance of vocabulary at tertiary level

Students’ experiences of using mobile phones for Afrikaans vocabulary development

First additional language teaching in selected grade 4 – 6 classes in Western Cape urban schools: The case of Afrikaans

Exploring writing institutes for teachers in South Africa

Non-curricular postgraduate writing interventions at South African Universities

A norm for an academic literacy placement test

Effectively digitizing communication with Turnitin for improved writing in a multilingual classroom

The use of first-person pronouns in argumentative writing of Afrikaans- speaking first-year students: A corpus-based investigation

Student perceptions on writing support

The intersection of professional and academic discourses: Hybridity as a strategy in MTech Policing proposals

Providing ‘auxiliary’ academic writing support to postgraduate students: a socio-cultural approach

Lees- en spellingagterstande van leerders met serebrale gestremdhede: Interaksie van werkgeheue, fonologiese prosessering en visueel-ruimtelike aspekte tot leer

Enhancing the Quality of Teaching and Learning in Disadvantaged Contexts: Re-imagining the Teacher’s Role

Lessons from Small-scale Standardised Testing of English Reading and Writing Performance in Two Types of Primary Schools in South Africa

Changing Student Teachers’ Views of Comprehension Instruction through the Use of a Comprehension Instruction Framework

Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) in Botswana: Perceptions of Implementation by some Teachers in Botswana’s Junior Secondary Schools

Working in the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) in the English classroom: A Case Study on the Teaching of Literature

An NLP-Based Programme for Developing EFL Student-Teachers’ Motivational Language

Textese and Secondary School Learners’ Formal Written English: Is the Media Hype about Language Decay Justified?

Challenges of Testing Deep Word Knowledge of Vocabulary: Which Path to Follow?

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