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Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research

Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research

Relevance of modeling and simulation in the management of engineering projects

Research on heat transfer enhancement of variable cross sectional conformal cooling of injection mold based on fluent

Vibration in systems

Frictional effect on stress and displacement fields in contact region

Synthesis of hyperboloid gear drives: Controlling of the singularity on the active tooth surfaces

Optimization of R134a cross vane expander compressor refrigeration system oriented to COP

Mathematical modeling, simulation and analysis of rice grain movement for design and fabrication of low-cost winnowing machine

Application of augmented finite element and cohesive zone modelling to predict damage evolution in metal matrix composites and aircraft coatings

Investigation of compressive properties of 3D fiber reinforced polymeric (FRP) composites through combined end and shear loading

Heat transfer on magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) stagnation - point flow in nanofluid past a porous shrinking/stretching sheet with variable stream condition in the presence of blowing at the surface

Analysis of potential flow around two-dimensional body by finite element method

Dynamic analysis of the influence of fiber orientation in composite laminated plates

Effects of fuel injection discharge curve and injection pressure on upgrading power and combustion parameters in heavy-duty (HD) diesel engine with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation

Establishment of an air quality monitoring model for dust-free rooms using neural network and control chart techniques

Optimal maintenance scheduling of thermal power unıts in a restructured nigerian power system

Prediction and optimization of weld bead geometry in gas metal arc welding process using RSM and fmincon

Set up Reduction A perfect way for productivity improvement of computer numerical control (CNC) set up in manufacturing company

Review on effect of flux composition on its behavior and bead geometry in submerged arc welding (SAW)

Study of effects of burner configuration and jet dynamics on characteristics of inversed diffusion flames

Experimental investigation of NOx emission on croton oil 1-butanol diesel in compression ignition (CI) engine

An efficient hybrid approach based on multi agent system and emergence method for the integration of systematic preventive maintenance policies in hybrid flow-shop scheduling to minimize makespan

Problems in the robot path control caused by AL-7075 chassis distortion and methods of improvement through non-conventional machining process

Effect of nozzle type, angle and pressure on spray volumetric distribution of broadcasting and banding application

Investigation into radiation of a plate-fin heat exchanger with strip fins

Optimization of a passive vehicle suspension system for ride comfort enhancement with different speeds based on design of experiment method (DOE) method

Mathematical formalism of an internal air flow through a vortex tube machine of Hilsch-Ranque type: An analytical representation for velocity field

Towards sustainable energy utilisation: An analysis of various cooking fuel options in Malawi

Review of internal cooling augmentation using baffles

Static analysis of mono leaf spring with different composite materials

Effect of cow dung variety on biogas production

Influence of injection timings on performance and emissions of a biodiesel engine operated on blends of Honge methyl ester and prediction using artificial neural network

Experimental investigation on roll forming of aluminum alloy AA6101 tubes

Finite element modeling and analysis of zigzag and armchair type single wall carbon nanotube

Aeration of volatile organic compounds using gas dispersion impellers

Development of active suspension system for a quarter car model using optical incremental encoder and ultrasonic sensors

Variational iteration algorithm-II for solving the system of third order non-linear integro-differential equations

Experimental studies on the characteristics of AA6082 flow formed tubes

Holistic design and software aided finite element analysis (FEA) of an All-Terrain Vehicle

Mixed convection flow of second grade fluid with variable heat flux past a vertically stretching flat surface

Combined effects of Hall currents and slip condition on steady flow of a viscous fluid due to non-coaxial rotation of a porous disk and a fluid at infinity

Analysis study on surface and sub surface imperfections through magnetic particle crack detection for nonlinear dynamic model of some mining components

An upper-bound solution for forging load of an elliptical disc

Design analysis of solar bi-focal collectors

Experimental determination of the adsorption capacity of synthetic Zeolite A/water pair for solar cooling applications

Static analysis of an isotropic rectangular plate using finite element analysis (FEA)

Design considerations of Gudgeon pin in reciprocating air compressors by semi analytic approach

Robust least square estimation of the CRS A465 robot arms dynamic model parameters

Evaluation of the turbulence models for the simulation of the flow over a National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) 0012 airfoil

Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) based surface roughness prediction model for ball end milling operation

Transient and dynamic performance of solar driven multiple effect distillation

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