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Journal of Metabolomics and Systems Biology

Journal of Metabolomics and Systems Biology

Effects of Spraying Yeast, Algae and Fish Oil on Growth and Fruiting of Ruby Seedless Grapevines

Response of Bent Aisha and Sewy Date Palm to some Fruit Thinning Treatments

Effects of Exogenous Salicylic Acid on Morphological and Biochemical Characteristics of Jatropha Curcas L. Irrigated with Saline Water

Classification of Soils East of the Shatt Al-Arab Area and Assess their Agricultural Purposes Using Technologies for the Remote Sensing

Magnetic Water and Chemical Substances Impact on Growth Parame-ters and Yield Components of Onion Crop under Assiut Conditions

Seed Chilling Enhances Head Earliness and Yield of Artichoke (Cynara scolymus L.) under Assiut Conditions

Response to Selection Using Two Selection Methods in Two Populations of Egyptian Cotton (Gossypium barbadense L.)

Response of Some Soybean Genotypes to Planting Date and Plant Density

Performance Evaluation of Three Sugar Cane Varieties under Different Levels of Nitrogen Fertilization and Two Seeding Rates

Assessment of Genetic Diversity in Bread Wheat Genotypes Based on Heat Tolerance and SSR Markers

Phenotypic Selection and Bulked Segregant Analysis for Flag Leaf Angle under Heat Stress in Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Authentication of Euphorbia peplus L. Family Euphorbiaceae Growing in Egypt Using Finger Printing

Characteristics and Bread-Making Quality of Wheat and Quinoa Flour Blends

Effect of some Treatments on Chemical Composition and Quality Properties of Saidy Date Fruit (Phoenix dactylifera L.) During Storage

Response of Seewy Date Palm to GA3 and CPPU Spraying

Effect of Coating and Wrapping Materials on Storage Behavior of Balady Mandarin Fruits

Influence of Carbon Sources and Amino Acids on in vitro Propagation of Four Citrus Rootstocks

Assessment of Proximate Chemical Composition and Nutritional Status of Wheat Biscuits Fortified with Oat Powder

Effect of Spraying Seaweed Extracts and Silicon on yield and Fruit Quality of Zaghloul Date Palms Grown under Sandy Soil Conditions

Effect of Irrigation Water Types and Spraying With Seaweeds on Vegetative Growth, Biochemical Attributes and Minerals Contents of Ziziphus mauritiana and Citrus sinensis Seedlings

Mechanisms of Date Palm Salt Tolerance Study of some Water Relationship and Histological Characteristics of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Seedlings under Salt Stress Condition

The use of RS and GIS for Assessment of Wadi El- Assiuty Soils, Egypt

Equality for Cereals Winter Vegetable Prices

Economic Study for Effect of Technological Progress on most Important Field Crops in Assiut Governorate

Economic Study of the Current Situation and Future Agricultural Investments in Egypt

Foreign Trade of Wheat Crop in Egypt

Economics of Dairy Products Industries in Monofia’ Governorate (Case Study of Baladi’ Laboratories)

Knowledge Level of Extension Workers in Asyut in Area of Bio-Fertilizers

Perception Farmer's Technical Recommendations for the Production and Marketing of the Crop Marjoram in Minia Governorate

Combining Ability of Some Maize Top-Crosses

Line X Tester Mating Design for Estimation Combining Ability in Maize

Inheritance of Seed Yield and Some Yield Components of Faba Bean Using Six Populations

Effect of Some Cultural Practices on Shedding and Yield of Egyptian Cotton

Study of Egyptian Cotton to Alternative Irrigation Systems with NPK Rates and Frequencies Under Two Planting Dates

Selection for Early Heading and Correlated Response in Grain Yield and its Components in Durum Wheat

Correlation, Path-coefficient, Normal and Stepwise Regression Analyses Via Two Cycles of Pedigree Selection in Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L).

Effect of Bread Wheat Grain Soaking in Different Titanium Dioxide Concentrations on the Yield and its Components

Effect of Whole Cassava Root and Yam Tubers on Performance of Grasscutter (Thryonomusswindarianus) Held in Captivity

Molecular Identification of Some Stem Rust and Yellow Rust Resistance Genes in Egyptian Wheat and Some Exotic Genotypes

Evaluation of Some Seeded Dry Date Palm Grown Under Aswan Climatic Condition

Effect of Ethanol-Extracted Propolis on Fruit Quality and Storability of Balady Oranges During Cold Storage

Available Phosphorus Assessment of Gharb El-Mawhoob Soils, El-Dakhla Oasis, Egypt

Impact of Phosphorus and Sulphur Application on Yield, Phosphorus and Micronutrients Uptake by Wheat Plants

The Role of Economic Integration Between Egypt, Libya and Sudan on Intra- Trade of the Main Food Groups and Commodities

Economics of the Date's Production in Siwa Oasis in Matrouh Governorate

The Current and Future Position of the Production and Consumption of Red Meat and its Demand in Egypt

An Economic Study of the Impact of Technological Varieties of Most Important Cereal Crops on Agricultural Development in Egypt

Effect of Plastic Mulch Color on Growth and Productivity of Different Summer Squash Varieties Grown Off-Season

Effect of Planting Spaces and Cutting Tuber on Quality Characteristics of Potato Plants (Solanum tuberosum L.)

Assessment of Chemical Composition, Minerals and Amino Acid Content of Farmhouse Concentrate in Fermented Milk (laban zeer) Manufactured in Minia Province

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