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Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics

Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics

On Some New Extensions and Generalizations of Eneström-Kakeya Theorem

New Implicit General Linear Method

Numerical Performances of Two Orthogonal Polynomials in the Tau Method for Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations

On Extended Exponential General Linear Methods PSQ with S>Q

A New Iteration Multivariate Pad e´ Approximation Technique for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations of Fractional Order

A Line-Tau Collocation Method for Partial Differential Equations

On Subgroups of Non-Commutative General Rhotrix Group

On Non-Commutative Rhotrix Groups over Finite Fields

Rigid Motions of Some Regular Polygons

Unsteady Viscous Flow Past an Impulsively Started Porous Vertical Surface with Variable Viscosity Fluid in the Presence of Viscous Dissipation: BSRM Approach

Influence of Variable Fluid Properties and Radiative Heat loss on Magnetohydrodynamic Forced Convection Flow in a Fluid Saturated Porous Medium

Hollow Anode Cascading Plasma Focus

Extension of Einstein’s Planetary Theory Based on Generalized Gravitational Scalar Potential

On Ionization and Porosity in MHD Couette Flow of a Two-Component Plasma

The Nuclear Finite–Size Corrections to Energies of n = 1, n = 2 AND n = 3 States of Hydrogen Atom

Diatomic Molecules Effective Potential for an Harmonic Oscillator Model

Empirical Models for the Estimation of Global Solar Radiation in Yola, Nigeria.

A Qualitative Interpretation of Residual Magnetic Anomaly using Ground Magnetic Data

Separation of Regional-Residual Anomaly Using Least Square Polynomial Fitting Method

Estimation of Magnetic Basement Depth of Oyo Area from Aeromagnetic Data

Beneficiation of Nigerian Clay with Poly Anionic Cellulose-Regular (PAC-R)

Comparative Analysis of the Use of Banana Peels and NaOH in Ph Control In Nigerian Clays

An Ideal Gas Law Simulator for Atmospheric Gas Molecules

Computation and Simulation of Circuit Topology Describing Secular Equilibrium Decay

Effects of Vaccine Efficacy on Basic Reproduction Number of a Vaccination Model of Tuberculosis.

Modelling the Time Series Data of the Impact of the Infection Rate on the Viral Load of the Virions

Examining the Role of the Reproductive Rate of the Infected Cell On the Viral Load of The Virions In the Context of HIV/AIDS Intervention Strategy

Residual Analysis of Generalized Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Bilinear Time Series Model

Variation of Rainfall in Three Nigerian Stations, Using harmonic Analysis.

Grade-Average Method: A Statistical Approach for Estimating Missing Value for Continuous Assessment Marks

Implementation of Multiple Separator Algorithm for Two Relational Operations.

Formalization of Hostel Management System.

Fuzzification of Botulism.

An Intelligent Clustering Based Methodology for Confusable Diseases Diagnosis and Monitoring

Design and Implementation of Open-Access Web-Based Education Useful for E-Learning in Nigeria

Design and Implementation of a Web Based System for Orphanage Management

Effect of Adenine Concentration on the Corrosion Inhibition of Aisi 304l Steel in 1.0m Sulphuric Acid Solution

Modelling Convergence of Finite Element Analysis of Cantilever Beam

Determination of the Optimum Thickness of Approximately Cylindrical Top Spherical Frustrum Aluminium Cast Pot

Effect of Cement Grades on some properties of Sandcrete

Design and Construction of a Talking Clock

Design and Construction of a Temperature and Pressure Data Acquisition System

Design and Construction of a Home Automation System Using a Smart Phone

Dynamic Calculation Design of Vertical Wind Turbine

Automatic Multiphase Selector Using PIC16F876 Peripheral Interphase Controller

Design and Construction of Remote Control for Lighting System Using Infra Red

Power Budget Analysis of Fiber Optics Communication Links Along Benin-Asaba Route

Load Flow Analysis of a 15Mva Injection Substation

Design and Construction of an Automatic Three-Phase Change Over Voltage Stabilizer

Design and Simulation of a PIC16F877A and LM35 Based Temperature Virtual Monitoring System Using Proteus (Labcenter Electronics)

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