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Journal of the Nigerian Optometric Association

Journal of the Nigerian Optometric Association

Editorial: Appropriate technologies for health and disease: an innovative approach to drive sustainable health care delivery

Factors affecting rehabilitation seeking behaviour of individuals with legal blindness in Lagos, Nigeria

Refractive errors in children with down syndrome in Lagos State, Nigeria

Accommodative anomalies in symptomatic school children in Cape Coast Metropolis, Ghana

Assessment of foveal and extra-foveal photostress recovery time in primary open angle glaucoma

Relevance of culturally-appropriate approaches in health promotion: a look at Igbo philosophies in dealing with eye care challenges in Nigeria

Effect of x-rays on the electrolyte concentration of bovine aqueous and vitreous humour

External eye infections and personal hygiene practices among patients attending optometry teaching Clinic Federal University of Technology, Owerri

Determination of a standard continuous-text print size for people with low vision

Prevalence of low vision and blindness in a leprosarium in Kano State, Nigeria

Effect of Moringa oleifera leaf aqueous extract on intraocular and blood pressure of normotensive adults in Edo State, Nigeria

Editor's notes

Barriers to Accessing Good Eye Care Services in Nigeria: A Focus on Anambra State.

Relationship between Central Corneal Thickness, Vitreous Chamber Depth and Axial Length of Adults in a Nigerian Population.

Barriers to Accessing Eye Care Services in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria

Ophthalmic Skills Assessment of Primary Health Care Workers at Primary Health Care Facilities in Rural Communities in Cross River State, Nigeria

Comparative Study Of The Effects Of Blue And Green Filters On Binocular Amplitude Of Accommodation

A Comparative Study Of The Effects Of Colostrum And Gentamicin On Organisms Causing Ophthalmia Neonatorum

Refractive Error Status In Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Photostress Recovery Time Among Nigerians

The Effect Of Xylopia Aethiopica (Uda) On Intraocular Pressure

Clinical Findings And Management Of Chronic Blepharitis In A 25-year Old Female -a Case Report

Comparative Analysis Of The Effects Of Topical Anaesthetic Agents On Tear Quantity And Tear Quality

Provision Of Low Vision Service In The Department Of Ophthalmology University Of Calabar Teaching Hospital

Age-related Macular Degeneration-an Emerging And Re-emerging Eye Blinding Disease

The Effect Of Cucumber ( Cucumbis Savitus ) Extract On Acid Induced Corneal Burn In Guinea Pigs

Comparative Efficacy Of Topical Ciprofloxacin On Staphylococcus Aureus and Pseudomonas Aureginosa in vitro

Effect Of 0.5%Glucose Intake On The Tear Production Of Normoglycemic Emmetropic Nigerians

The Level Of Contact Lens Practice In Port Harcourt, Rivers State Of Nigeria.

Prevalence Of Visual Disorders In Deaf Children In Benin City

Uptake Of Eye Care Services In University Of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Cross River State, Nigeria

Transient Refractive Changes In A Newly Diagnosed Diabetic-ACase Report

Refractive Correction In A Selected Adult Population In Isiala Ngwa

Common Bacterial Isolates From Infected Eyes

The Importance Of Epidemiology In Optometry

Effect of Dennettia Tripetela (MMIMI) Seed intake on the IOP of Normotensive Emmetropic Nigerian Igbos

Comparative Analysis of the efficacy of Allium Savitum (Garlic) and Erythromycin on Streptococcus Pyogenes

Epidemiology of Eye Diseases among Timber Workers in Owerri, Nigeria

The effect of Acetaminophen (Paracetamol ) on Tear Production

Effect of Acetylsalicyclic Acid (Aspirin ) and Dexamethazone on Vernal Conjunctivitis - A Comparative Analysis

Presbyopic content of a community based Etecare Programme in Imo State, Nigeria.

The ageing eye” functional changes from cradle to gray: A review

Low vision in children and adolesents: Hospital based study

Epidemiology of blinding eye diseases in Cross River State, Nigeria as seen in University Of Calabar Teaching Hospital

A comparative study of the conjuctival bacterial normal flora in Paediatric and Geriatric subjects

The effect of Telfaira occidentalis (fluted pumpkin) extract on the photostress recovery time (psrt) of young Nigerian adults

Effect of ingested raw ginger (zingerber officinale ) on tear production

Oculovisual problems in Alayi community Ofabia State, Nigeria

Book Review - Understanding common eye problems

Effects of sulphadoxine and pyrimethamine on phoria and near point of convergence

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