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Journal of Namibian Studies

To beg, or to pray: Makalani and the ‘zula economy’ in Swakopmund

The construction and representation of sexual and gender diversity in Namibian school textbooks: Global discourses or Southern African realities?

Human trafficking and illicit financial flows in Africa

Renaming of places in Namibia in the pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial era: Colonising and decolonising place names

Letter diary of Adolf Auffahrt, Zahlmeister in the Kaiserliche Schutztruppe for South West Africa, December 1904 – April 1905

Review: Reinhart Kößler and Henning Melber, Völkermord – und was dann? Die Politik deutsch-namibischer Vergangenheitsbearbeitung. Vorwort von Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, Frankfurt a.M., Brandes & Apsel, 2017

Review: Oswin Köhler, The World of the Khwe Bushmen in Southern Africa: A Self-Portrait in Their Own Language, Berlin, Dietrich Reimer, 2018

Review: Elizabeth Magano Amukugo, (ed.): Democracy and Education in Namibia and Beyond: A Critical Appraisal, Windhoek, University of Namibia Press, 2017

Review: Matthias Häussler, Der Genozid an den Herero. Krieg, Emotion und extreme Gewalt in Deutsch-Südwestafrika, Weilerswist, Velbrück Wissenschaft, 2018

Review: Klaus-Dieter Gralow, Postadresse: Landmesser Voss, Ochsenwagen, DSW. Die Tagebücher der Gertrud Voss aus Deutsch-Südwestafrika 1908–1919, Grevesmühlen, Nordwest Media Verlag, 2017

‘Ja, es musste sein!’ German settler perceptions of violence during the Herero and Nama War (1904–1907)

The politics of ‘othering’ in Tshiwa Trudie Amulungu’s Taming My Elephant

Political effects of the General Contract Strike 1971–72 on Owambo contract workers

Migration: An account of women’s empowerment in contemporary Namibia

Extract of S. Garforth Pearson’s Diary for the Kaokoveldt Expedition, 1895–1896

Complicating histories of carnivores in Namibia: Past to present.

Review: Sarala Krishnamurthy and Helen Vale, (eds.), Writing Namibia. Literature in Transition, Windhoek, University of Namibia Press, 2018

Review: John Dugard, Confronting Apartheid. A Personal History of South Africa, Namibia and Palestine, Auckland Park, Jacana, 2018

Pre-colonial and postcolonial identity formations in Namibia: an exploration of the origin of Nehale lyaMpingana’s dualism

From German South West Africa to the Third Reich. Testing the continuity thesis

Adjusting to the challenges of democracy: Afrikaners in Namibia and South Africa

Native recruiters’ activities along the Kavango River boundary in north-east Namibia, 1925-1943

Thinking and writing liberation politics – a review article of: Hans Beukes, Long Road to Liberation. An Exiled Namibian Activist’s Perspective

Oomambo wandje komuhoko wOvaherero. Lothar von Trotha’ s ‘Words to the Ovaherero people’

Review: Hartmut Bartmuß, Alexander Lion: Arzt, Sanitätsoffizier, Pfadfinder, Series: Jüdische Miniaturen, vol. 210, Berlin, Hentrich & Hentrich, 2017

Review: Christiane Bürger, Deutsche Kolonialgeschichte(n). Der Genozid in Namibia und die Geschichtsschreibung der DDR und BRD, Bielefeld, transcript 2017

Review: Felix Schürmann, Der graue Unterstrom. Walfänger und Küsten-gesellschaften an den tiefen Stränden Afrikas (1770-1920), Frankfurt am Main, Campus, 2017

Statement from the dock, 1 February 1968

Review: Vilho Amukwaya Shigwedha, The Aftermath of the Cassinga Massacre: Survivors, Deniers and Injustices, Basel, Basler Afrika Bibliographien, 2017.

Review: Tshiwa Trudie Amulungu, Taming My Elephant, Windhoek, University of Namibia Press, 2016.

Review: Gerhard Tötemeyer, A Rebel for Change in Apartheid South Africa and Colonial Namibia. An Autobiography, G. Tötemeyer, 2017.

Review: Mathias Polak, Zwischen Haushalt und Staat – Lokale Water Governance im zentralen Norden Namibias, Berlin, Lit, 2014.

German urbanonyms in German South West Africa

Experimental intimacies: Young men’s understandings of their relationships with women in Swakopmund

Heroic narratives, patriotic history and Namibian politics: The case of (Herman) Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo (1924–2017)

Learner absenteeism: A case study of rural primary schools in Kavango East

Yearning to be modern? Dreams and desires of Ovambo contract workers in Namibia

Constitutionalism and principles of economic order. Examining Namibia’s ‘mixed economy’ and the economic asylum of neoliberalism

Swapo forever? Prospect for liberal democracy or prolonged one-party dominance in Namibia

Mattia Fumanti’s Politics of Distinction : Elite formation, the public space and the moral base of politics in (post)colonial Africa. Review article

Shikongo shaKalulu, Nakambale and shared memories. Olukonda historic mission station as a cultural memory and heritage site

The internment camp ‘Klein-Danzig’ in Windhoek 1939–1941

Diary of Heinrich Geisel, Sanitary Sergeant in the Kaiserliche Schutztruppe for South West Africa, January 1905–October 1906

Review: Hans-Martin Milk, Der Stimme der Gnade Gehör schenken. Zur Rolle der Rheinischen Missionsgesellschaft bei der Errichtung von Konzentrationslagern in Namibia – 1905 bis 1907, Berlin, Wichern, 2016.

Review: Lukas Breitwieser, Die Geschichte des Tourismus in Namibia. Eine heterotropische Topologie der Technik, Basel, Basler Afrika Bibliographien, 2016.

Review: Malte Thran, "Rassengerechtigkeit" und Fetischisierung von Land. Kritik der Landreform in Namibia, Marburg, Tectum, 2014.

The church in Namibia: political handmaiden or a force for justice and unity?

Who owns education? Schooling, learning and livelihood for the Nyae Nyae Ju|'hoansi

Thanatographical narration in Jane Katjavivi’s memoir Undisciplined Heart

Unforeseen combat at Naulila. German South West Africa, Angola, and the First World War in 1914 – 1917

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