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Journal of Language, Technology & Entrepreneurship in Africa

Journal of Language, Technology & Entrepreneurship in Africa

The Dynamics of Ethnicity in a Multicultural Society

Assessing Higher Education: Relevance of Vision and Mission Statements: A Case Study of USIU

Identifying and managing cross-cultural differences in the classroom: A case study of USIU

Bilingual education: meeting the challenges of diversity and change in Botswana

Kiswahili, utandawazi na umoja wa Afrika

An exploration of extra linguistic factors of English – Kiswahili code switching in FM Industry in Kenya

Structural borrowing: The case of Kenyan Sign Language (KSL) and Kiswahili contact signing

Expresssing culture through drama: a reading of Anowa and the marriage of Anansewa

Exploring the motifs of death and immortality

Children's literature in Kenya: a mirror of Kenyan culture?

Coping with Trauma: Verbatim Accounts of Victims of Police Torture in Kenya

”Generic peace” and “The peace”: a discourse

Language and political economy: A historical perspective on Kenya

Education as a tool for empowering Kenya's street children for integration in national development

Relationship between school culture and students\' performance in French in selected secondary schools in Kenya

El kiswahili y el español en una encrucijada lingüística en Kenya

Authentic documents in the teaching and learning of a foreign language

Functions of code-switching in a multilingual classroom

Teaching and Learning Spanish in the Kenyan multilingual Society: Strengths and Challenges

The Question of the Standard English Model in the Achievement of Universal Primary Education in Kenya

Mirroring the Subtext: Postmodernism in Ngugi wa Thiongo's Wizard of the Crow:

The learning of Foreign Languages in Kenyan Universities: The Relevance of French

Impact of Culture on Financial Management in Africa

Vicarious Trauma Among university students: A case study of USIU.

Is There a Relationship between Business Strategies and Training Emphasis on Job Categories in Successful Companies in Kenya?

Conservation and Promotion of Indigenous Plants and Trees in Meru: A preliminary survey

Exploiting indigenous knowledge in the environmental conservation and promotion of African plants: case study on Mwingi and Kyuso districts, Kenya

A digital divide: Kiswahili holds the key

Towards a Multilingual learner software for African languages

Media, Ethics and national interests

Regional Integration and Food security in Eastern Africa

The Sinusoidal representation of the Kibaki Presidency in the Kenyan Press: 2002-2007

A comparative analysis of cohesion in academic and newspaper texts

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