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Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology

Knowledge, attitude and practice on hand washing and associated factors among public primary schools children in Hosanna town, Southern Ethiopia

Authors: Alula Seyum Buda, Dejene Ermias Mekengo, Terefe Markos Lodebo, Abinet Arega Sadore, Bazie Mekonnen

Journal: Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology

The burden of communicable diseases within developing countries is mainly influenced by poor personal hygiene practices Despite substantial evidence about the effectiveness of hand washing, especially using soap at all critical time, the practice is poor in developing countries including Ethiopia. The problem is not researched well on children who are major risk groups for diarrheal diseases, ARI and other hygiene related problems. To assess knowledge, attitude and practice of hand washing and associated factors among primary school children in Hosanna town, SNNPR, Ethiopia. Institution based cross sectional study was conducted with sample size of 246 students in Girma Bekele primary school in Hosanna town from April 15 -30/2016.Data  was collected using interviewer administered pre tasted structured questionnaires by trained data collectors. From students participated in this study over all 167(69.9%) students have good and 72 (30.1%) have poor knowledge. Knowledge of students in this primary school is affected by grade of student and area of residence with (AOR, 95% CI 9.099(.587-.850) and (AOR.384; 95% CI (.114-.299)) respectively. Regarding the attitude of students 142(59.4%) and 97(40.6%) have good and poor attitude respectively. Overall 172(71.97%) of students have good practice and 67 (28.03%) have poor practice toward hand washing. Majority of the study subjects has adequate knowledge and about more than half of them have positive attitude. Overall practice of HW is good but utilization of soap and HW after toilet visit is low. Maternal educational status, area of residence, age, sex and grade of student are factors that affect KAP of school children toward hand washing with soap. Key words: Primary school children, hand washing, knowledge, attitude and practice, Ethiopia.