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Journal of Religion and Human Relations

Journal of Religion and Human Relations

Christianity and Islamic encounter in North Africa: its ambivalence

The paradox of secrecy in African traditional religion

Impact of Western culture on traditional African society: problems and prospects

Denominationalism and pentecostalism in evangelism: factors that mutilate Christian image

Formation of Christian conscience for the common good in Nigerian politics

Sources of Igwebuike philosophy: towards a socio-cultural foundation

Nigeria: an ethical response

1804 Usman Dan Fodio's jihad on inter-group relations in the contemporary Nigerian state

Public perseption of the services of vigilante groups in Anambra State

Religions and economic development in nation building

Re-education of religious culture: a panacea to counter terrorism and insurgency in Nigeria

Ikeji Festival of Arondizuogu: retelling the stories and rekindling the values of an ancestral homeland

Musicians and nation building - need for quality control: old and new generation music and musicians exemplified

The language of the sacraments of the Catholic Church: Austin and Searle's model

The mind body problem: the hermeneutics of African philosophy

Rites of passage and sustainable development in traditional Africa: reflections for contemporary society

Cow(Eshu) ritual in the funeral rite: the sigificance in the Nsukka cultural area of Igboland

On the role of Igbo proverbs in conflict resolution and reconciliation

The impact of philosophy in the interpretation of African values with particular reference to Igbo cultural values

Of mariology and the African theological enterprise

Judeo - Igbo traditional religious conception of sin: socio – religious implications on Igbo society

Ethnic conflict in pluralist Nigeria: entreching participatory democracy

Critical appraisal of dialogue as a strategy for religious conflict resolution in Nigeria

Seneca on slavery: An African perspective

Nigerian literary artists and protection of African values in the presentage of urbanization: the Igbo example

A Critique of the Notions of Law and Ethics as Regulatory Systems for Healthcare

Indigenous language and the preservation of African values; the Igbo example

Ideational representation of prostitution in Chika Unigwe's on black sisters' street

Inspiration and Inerrancy of the Bible: an Exegetical Interpretation of 1Tim 3,16

Sacrifice in African traditional religion: differential faith issues in religions

An appraisal of women slavery in the philosophy of Simone de beauvoir's second sex

Patterns of missionary expansion enterprise in Africa: a reflection

Philosophy of Igbo proverbs: the logic, ethics and esthetics in Igbo culture

The challenges facing the effective teaching and learning of religious/moral education in secondary schools in Onitsha urban

Security and the 2015 elections: issues and perspectives

The roles of leadership and good governance in the security of Anambra state

A comparative study of omenµ kµ and ije odumodu jere

Forging national integrarion through philosophic interrogation of cultures

Global inequality and care of the environment: a political and ethical consideration

Gay marriage as a pervasion of natural order: biblical and societal view

Language use and the media: preserving the African values

Proverbs and taboos for a sustainable value: moral ideas and healthy etiquettes of the Igbo

The indispensability of indigenous languages in the preservation of African values

Ọzọ title: the Igboman’s aristocratic institution

John 12,20-22 as a missionary text: an exegetical study in the light of Isaiah 42b and Isaiah 52,15 LXX

Baby dumping and evolving baby factories in Nigeria: their implication for child right and social protection

The Cross: A Point of Transformation? (A Reflection)

True and false prophecy in ‘all Christian practical praying band (ACPPB)’, Ufuma, in the light of Jeremiah 27-28

The challenges of migration and technological development in Africa

Effects of traditional religious belief system of the Igbo group on the effectiveness of leprosy control programmes in Anambra and Ebonyi states of southeast Nigeria

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