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Journal de la Recherche Scientifique de l'Universite de Lome

Paraplegie revelant un lymphome malin non hodgkinien chez l’adulte a propos d’un cas et revue de la litterature.

Authors: A Vovor, M Belo, V Kumako, YE Akakpo, T Banakinao, KM Guinhouya, A Balogou, G Napo-Koura, KE Grunitzky

Journal: Journal de la Recherche Scientifique de l'Universite de Lome

We return the observation of a man of 66 years to the antecedents of diabetes non insulinodépendant and arterial high blood pressure that presented a paraplegia as revealing symptom of a LMNH. It is here about an initial localization of the lymphoma to the spine. The international literature shows an extreme rarity of the affection. To the total 67 cases have been returned only in the world since 1970 of which 18 observations since 2000. Our observation constitutes the first added on case in the African literature. The compressive diagnosis has been put thanks to the scanner whereas in the literature, the IRM was the most adapted exam. The observation of an elevation ten times superior to the normal of the specific antigens of the prostate had driven in a first time to the hypothesis of medullary metastases of a cancer of the prostate. The instituted specific treatment was without success. The neurochirurgical intervention in Benin then the exam of the tumorous mass to the hinge dorsolombaire and the anatomopathologic exam of the biopsy piece to have the diagnosis of LMNH.