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Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy

Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy

Editorial comments

Turning fish soup back into fish: The wicked problem of African Community land rights

Sustainable development laws in Ethiopia: Opportunities and challenges of their implementation

Environmental rights in Ethiopia: Shifting from theory to practical realization

Managing contingent liabilities arising from public private partnership projects

Addressing the energy consumption-economic growth nexus: The Nigerian case

The treasury single account and the search for effective revenue management in Nigeria's oil and gas sector

Oil production and host community relations in Nigeria: The limits of the Utilitarian approach

The Nigerian oil and gas local content regime and its (non) compliance with the trims agreement

Advancing electronic voting systems in Nigeria's electoral process: legal challenges and future directions

Stay of proceedings pending arbitartion: protecting the interests of third-parties to arbitartion in Nigeria

Reconciling human rights and the environment: a proposal to integrate the right to food with sustainable development in the 2030 development agenda

Addressing gender gaps in agricultural productivity in Africa: comparative case studies from Tanzania, Malawi and Uganda+

Towards an effective cattle grazing and rearing legal framework: an imperative for environmental protection

The land use act and land administration in 21st century Nigeria: need for reforms

Much ado about food safety regulation in Nigeria

Trophy hunting: To ban or not to ban? Legal pathways for Zimbabwe in the aftermath of Cecil the lion

The search for sustainable education in post-colonial African states

The need for a good enough territorial and economic governance in south Sudan

The rule of law approach to regulating electricity supply in Nigeria

Turkish and Brics engagement in Africa

Inclusive development as an imperative to realizing the human right to water and sanitation

Towards a coherent implementation of safe building laws and regulations in Cameroon: Law, governance and institutional imperatives

Integration of environmental safeguards into Ethiopian investment and sectoral laws

The definition of investment and the ICSID convention: matters arising under the Nigerian investment promotion act and international investment law

Constitutional immunity clause and the fight against corruption in Nigeria

Contractual agreements in Ghana's oil and gas industry: In whose interest?

Legal and instututional framework for promoting oil pipeline security in Nigeria

Methodology, theoretical framework and scholarly significance: An overview of International best practices in legal research

Investment and governance of Africa’s resources: economic diversification for development

Economic relations between turkey and Africa: challenges and prospects

China’s influence in Africa: current roles and future prospects in resource extraction

Conceptualizing the Qatari-African foreign policy and economic relations: the case of soft power

Translating the extractive resources to economic growth and transformation

Managing Africa’s natural resource endowments: new dispensations and good-fit approaches

The African mining vision: perspectives on mineral resource development in Africa

Making extractive investments work for Africa’s development: what role for Qatar in shaping the debate on natural resource governance?

Transnational initiatives towards natural resource governance in Africa post-2015

Land governance and land deals in Africa: opportunities and challenges in advancing community rights

Extractive resources, global volatility and Africa’s growth prospects

Labour and employment creation with African resource development

The role of the state and the transnational in lifting the resource curse

Towards a fluid and multiscalar governance of extractive resources in Africa

Evaluation of the legal framework for promoting sustainable development in the extractive host communities in Nigeria

Sustainable development of national energy resources: what has international law got to do with it?

Addressing environmental contamination through market regulations: comparative lessons from the United States and the European Union

Renewable energy in Ukraine: towards national eco-management

An evaluation of the Indonesian law and policy on small-scale fisheries

Distributive justice and human rights in climate policy: the long road to Paris

Human security in the Niger Delta: exploring the interplay of resource governance, community structure and conflicts

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