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Journal for the Study of Religion

Journal for the Study of Religion


The ethical and spiritual project of Martin Prozesky: influences and interests

World religions in the world

Christian humanism, progressive Christianity, and social transformation

Thinking God in a global multi-religious context: trends, challenges and possibilities

Learning from Black Theology

Gandhi: a man for our times?

Convergence and divergence: a Christian response to Prozesky’s ‘global ethic’ and secular spirituality

Teilhard de Chardin’s vision of science, religion and planetary humanity: a challenge to the contemporary world

Indigenous knowledge systems discourse and inclusionality: an Afro-centric quest for recognition in a globalised world

Reflection in practice as source of values: the cross-cultural creation of a health-care ethic in post-Apartheid South Africa

Can ethics be taught?

Theology before and after Bishop Robinson’s Honest to God (1963)

‘O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness: let the whole earth tremble before him’ (Psalm 96:9)

‘What makes you think theology is a subject?’

God and universities

Martin Prozesky and ‘well-being’: retroactive and proactive perspectives on religion and ethics in the social transformation of South Africa

Tomorrow’s ethics in a globalizing world

J.T. van der Kemp’s Link to the British Anti-slavery Network and his Civil Rights Activism on Behalf of the Khoi (1801 – 1803)

Missionary colonial mentality and the expansion of Christianity in Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1800 to 19001

An emergent consciousness of the role of Christianity on Zimbabwe’s political field: A case of non-doctrinal religio-political actors

Stigmatising Faith? Differing Modes of Sanctification in Gian-Carlo Menotti’s The Saint of Bleecker Street

‘Quinine’, ‘Ditaola’ and the ‘Bible’: Investigating Batswana health seeking practices1

Debating virginity-testing cultural practices in South Africa: A Taylorian reflection

Reflecting on a decade of religion studies implementation in the FET Phase 1 : Case study of Gauteng, South Africa

Book Review: Indian Asceticism: Power, Violence and Play

J.T. van der Kemp and his Critique of the Settler Farmers on the South African Colonial Frontier (1799-1811)

African Religion and Colonial Rebellion: The Contestation of Power in Colonial Zimbabwe’s Chimurenga of 1896-1897

Religious Violence in Contemporary Nigeria: Implications and Options for Peace and Stability Order

Displaced Sense: Displacement, Religion and Sense-making

The Startling Phenomenon of the Western Tibetan Buddhist Nun: The Challenges Faced by Western Nuns in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition Living Outside the Traditional Tibetan Buddhist Regions

Insights from Hans Achterhuis Applied to the Violence on LGBT Communities in Uganda

Religious Intolerance: The Case of Principals in Multi-faith Schools

Book Reviews

Dissent on Core Beliefs: Religious and Secular Perspectives

J.T. van der Kemp and Eighteenth century coded subjectivity

Nils Astrup and indigenous African cultures: A study in evolving missionary attitudes

A Case of Hopeless Failure: The Role of Missionaries in the Transformation of Southern Africa’s Indigenous Architecture

Indigenous conceptions of conversion among African Christians in South Africa

Patterns of consumption and materialism among Zimbabwean Christians: A tale of two indigenous churches

An encroachment of ecological sacred sites and its threat to the interconnectedness of sacred rituals: A case study of the Tonga people in the Gwembe valley

The moral rearmament activist: P.Q. Vundla’s community bridge-building during the boycotts on the Witwatersrand in the mid-1950s

Timbuktu manuscript expressing the mystical thoughts of Yusuf-Ibn-Said

The classroom, an inadequate mechanism for advancing diversity via religion education in the South African context

The Travelling Rabbi: My African Tribe

The concept of religion: Defining and measuring contemporary beliefs and practices

Interpreting Luguru Religious Practice through Colonialist Eyes: Child Sacrifice and East African Dance in Brett Young’s The Crescent Moon

Rethinking Religion, Magic and Witchcraft in South Africa: From Colonial Coherence to Postcolonial Conundrum

A Study of Literature on the Essence of Ubungoma (Divination) and Conceptions of Gender among Izangoma (Diviners)

Discernment and Biblical Spirituality – An Application: Discernment in the Milieu and Wake of Nehemiah 8

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