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Kogi Journal of Management


Authors: D. I. Akintayo

Journal: Kogi Journal of Management

This  study  investigated  the  impact  of  work-family  role  conflict  on  organizational  commitment  of industrial workers in Nigeria. The descriptive survey research method was adopted for the study. A total of 247 respondents were selected for the study using proportionate stratified sampling technique. Instruments used for data collection are: Work-family role conflict scale and organizational commitment scale. Linear regression analysis and t-test were used to test hypotheses that were generated for the study at 0.05 alpha levels. Finding reveals that there was a significant contribution of work-family role conflict to organizational commitment. Also, it was found that a significant difference exists between married and single respondents` experience of work-family role conflict. Moreover, the finding shows that  there  was  a  significant  difference  between  organizational  commitment  of  male  and  female respondents  based  on  work-family  role  conflict.  Based  on  the  findings  of  the  study,  it  was recommended that organizational support programme needs to be introduced and provided for all levels of workers in order to reduce the burden of work-family role conflict interface and virtually induced  commitment  to  their  jobs.  The  level  of family responsibilities  of  the workers  need  to  be considered during recruitment, in assigning responsibilities and placement process in order to foster organizational commitment.