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Kogi Journal of Management


Authors: Maryam T. Abbah

Journal: Kogi Journal of Management

This  article  explores  the  indispensability  of  employee  motivation  in  effective  organizational  management. In the style of a qualitative research, the paper x-rays, exhaustively, the merits, efficacy and  relevance of motivation in the success of organizational management. It also identifies and explains the  factors that affect employee motivation, the benefits of employee motivation in Nigerian organizations, some  theories of motivation and the significant link between effective organizational management and employee  motivation in Nigerian organizations, both the public and the private. For the fact that employee motivation  is an intricate and sophisticated subject, once applied in the right way an organization is bound to achieve a  long-lasting success. However, if ignored an organization will fizzle out in the game. For Nigerian managers  to have an understanding of employee motivation, they must know the concept of motivation, organizational  management, differences in individual needs and the variety of motivational factors and the changes in  priorities of these factors overtime. The necessity of this work is situated in it provision of solutions to  Nigerian employees’ redundant attitude to work and its consequences.