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On recent proposals to abolish polysemy and homonymy in lexicography

Corpus-driven Bantu Lexicography Part 1: organic corpus building for Lusoga

New insights in the design and compilation of digital bilingual lexicographical products: the case of the diccionarios valladolid-UVa

Corpus-driven Bantu Lexicography Part 2: lemmatisation and rulers for Lusoga

Corpus-driven Bantu Lexicography Part 3: mapping meaning onto use in Lusoga

Once again why lexicography is science

'n Leksikografiese datatrekkingstruktuur vir aanlyn woordeboeke

A lexicographic approach to teaching the English article system: help or hindrance?

An Empirical study of EFL Learners' Dictionary use in Chinese–English translation

Semi-automating the reading programme for a historical dictionary project

Correct hypotheses and careful reading are essential: results of an observational study on learners using online language resources

Polish Americans in the history of bilingual lexicography: the state of the art

Objectivity, prescription, harmlessness, and drudgery: reflections of lexicographers in Slovenia

Corpus-based research on terminology of Turkish Lexicography (CBRT-TURKLEX)

Enhancing the learnability of Chinese–English dictionaries for Chinese as a foreign language learners: the neglected legacy of Robert Morrison in his compilation of Wuche Yunfu (1819)

Towards Chinese learner's dictionaries for foreigners living in China: some problems related to Lemma selection

Web-based exploration of results from a large European survey on dictionary use and culture: ESDexplorer

Which learning tools accompanying the paid online version of LDOCE do advanced learners of English find useful?

Book Review: The Routledge Handbook of Lexicography

Das Rumäniendeutsche in der Neuauflage (2016) des Variantenwörterbuchs des Deutschen Ioan Lăzărescu zum 65. Geburtstag gewidmet

Book Review: Zweisprachige Lexikographie zwischen Translation und Didaktik

The Interpretive Function: To Be or Not to Be, That is the Question

Guessing Verb–Adverb Collocations: Arab EFL Learners' Use of Electronic Dictionaries

Prolingua se bydrae tot terminologieontwikkeling in Afrikaans

Polyseme selection, lemma selection and article selection

A usability evaluation of the prototype Afrikaanse idiome-woordeboek

Dictionary tradition vs. Pictorial corpora: Which vocabulary thematic fields should be illustrated?

A computational approach to Zulu verb morphology within the context of lexical semantics

The effectiveness of using a bilingualized dictionary for determining noun countability and article selection

"Minimum input, maximum output, indeed!" Teaching Collocations through Collocation Dictionary Skills Development

Intellectualization through Terminology Development

Deutsches Wortgut in rumänischen Pflanzennamen. Ein Bericht aus der rumänischen Wörterbuchpraxis

Visualisation of collocational preferences for near-synonym discrimination

Multimodal exemplification: The expansion of meaning in electronic dictionaries

Koalas, Kiwis and Kangaroos: The challenges of creating an Online Australian Cultural Dictionary for learners of English as an additional language

The dictionary in examinations at a South African University: A linguistic or a pedagogic intervention?

Direct user guidance in e-dictionaries for text production and text reception — The verbal relative in Sepedi as a case study

Planning a dictionary for mother tongue education: A conceptual framework for Gabonese languages

Afrikataalleksikografie: Gister, vandag en môre

L2 writing assistants and context-aware dictionaries: New challenges to lexicography

Lost and found: The value of a little known bilingual dictionary towards the intellectualization of Ndau

Überlegungen zu einem neuen zweisprachigen phraseologischen Wörterbuch Deutsch–Rumänisch

Colors in French, American and British dictionaries

Approaches to the treatment of zero equivalence in a bilingual dictionary

Revisiting lemma lists in Swahili dictionaries

Representing the cultural dimension of meaning in learner's dictionaries — from the perspective of Chinese EFL learners in L2 reception

Etymology in the Polish Academy of Sciences Great Dictionary of Polish

Review: Die Taalkommissie van die Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Weten-skap en Kuns

Advantages and disadvantages in the use of internet as a corpus: The case of the online dictionaries of Spanish valladolid-uva

How many people constitute a crowd and what do they do? Quantitative analyses of revisions in the English and German wiktionary editions

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