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Legon Journal of the Humanities

Legon Journal of the Humanities

Trans-modernism and a Legon tradition of African philosophy

Historicising The Women’s Manifesto for Ghana: A culmination of women’s activism in Ghana

Contemporarising ɔhene tene (the Akan chief’s procession) as political communication

Climate change and the mitigating tool of salvage archaeology: The case of the Fort Kongensten site at Ada Foah, Ghana

Commodification of the gospel and the socio-economics of neo-Pentecostal/Charismatic Christianity in Ghana

The dilemmas of bilingual education in rural Ghana: A case study of the Nkwanta North District

Promoting Ghana’s traditional cultural aesthetics in Ghana’s most beautiful reality television show

Asymmetries in the phonological behaviour of Dagbani place features: Implications for markedness

‘The individual’ in the individualism/communitarianism debate: In defense of personism

Capitalist exchange, consumerism and power in nineteenth century Gold Coast: Interrogating Ama Ata Aidoo’s Anowa and the contested personage of the merchant prince

Assessment of students’ reading culture in a Nigerian university: Waxing or waning?

Participation in online activation (#) campaigns: A look at the drivers in an African setting

BOOK REVIEW: A page in African ethics: A review of Bernard Matolino’s Personhood in African philosophy

Linguistic choices and transcultural identity construction in Mary Specht’s Migratory animals

Implementation challenges of social protection policies in four districts in Ghana: The case of the District Assembly Common Fund meant for Persons with Disabilities

Acculturation and integration: Language dynamics in the rural north-urban south mobility situation in Ghana

Corporate identity on the Web: The case of telecommunication companies in Ghana

Agreement and syncretism in Esahie

The governmentality of journalism education in Ghana

Language socialisation practices of children in multilingual Accra, Ghana

Gender bias in media representation of political actors: Examples from Nigeria’s 2015 presidential election

Corruption is a big issue: A corpus-assisted study of the discursive construction of corruption in Ghanaian parliamentary discourse

Local reception of global media texts: Telenovelas as sites of cultural mixture in Ghana

Enhancing Doctoral Research Education through the Institution of Graduate Writing Courses in Ghanaian Universities

The Ethnosemantics and Proverbs of ohia, ‘‘poverty’’ in Akan1

Personal Attribute Nominals in Akan: A Constructionist Perspective

Introducing Nkami: A Forgotten Guang Language and People of Ghana

Multimodal Code-pairing and Switching of Visual-verbal Texts in Selected Nigerian Stand-up Comedy Performances

‘I just said It, I didn’t mean anything:’ Culture and Pragmatic Inference in Interpersonal Communication

Language, Education and Linguistic Human Rights in Ghana

BOOK REVIEW: Tadjo, V. (2017). En compagnie des hommes. Paris : Don Quichotte Éditions (169 pages).

Media Exposé of Judicial Corruption in Ghana: Ethical and Theological Perspectives

The Lure of the Image in the Mirror: A Reading of Kwame Nkrumah’s Towards Colonial Freedom

Attitudes towards English in Ghana

The Discourse of Sustainable Farming and the Environment in Bessie Head’s When Rain Clouds Gather

The Role of the International Community in Ghana’s Democratic Transition in the 1990s

An Intertextual Analysis of Jími Sọ ́ lań ké’̣s Òna La (In The Path) via the Multiple Star System Theory of Mutual Illumination and Interaction

The Poetics of Demythologisation in Kunle Afolayan’s The Figurine

Book Review: Philip Atsu Afeadie (2016). Workplace Anguish and Pleasure in Northern Nigeria: Exactions of Colonial Governing.

Inaccessible Built Environments in Ghana’s Universities: The Bane of a Weak Legal and Regulatory Framework for Persons with Disabilities

Choral Singing and Wellbeing: Findings from a Survey of the Mixed-Chorus Experience from Music Students of the University of Education Winneba, Ghana

The Ecology of Gahu: Participatory Music and Health Benefits of Ewe Performance in a Canadian Drum and Dance Ensemble

Music and Wellbeing in Everyday Life: An Exploratory Study of Music Experience in Ghana

Traditional Music as a Sustainable Social Technology for Community Health Promotion in Africa: “Singing and Dancing for Health” in Rura Northern Ghana

“Ahorita estamos en lo nuestro” (“Now We Are Ourselves”): Afro-Venezuelan Music Rituals for Health and Community Wellbeing

Twin Ritual (Kamta Bulikur): The Significance of Traditional Music in the Health and Wellbeing of Twins among the Bura of North-east Nigeria

Affective Wellbeing and the Teaching of Music in Ghanaian Basic Schools: A Reflection

‘Dance Your Sorrow Away!’: Spirituality, Community and Wellbeing in Christ Apostolic Church, Dublin

A Closer Look at the Akan Relativiser

Tackling Africa’s Scientific and Technological Underdevelopment: The Role of the Humanities

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