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Lagos Notes and Records

Lagos Notes and Records

Naija Hip Hop: An Analysis of the Music of 2Face Idibia

Aesthetic Philosophies of Yoruba Folk Musical Idioms

Singer’s Utilitarian Account of Cosmopolitan Obligations: A Critical Evaluation

Religion and Politics: Gandhian Philosophy as a Model

The Futility of Any Anti-Metaphysical Position

Insuring the Nation: Europeans and the Emergence of Modern Insurance Business in Colonial Nigeria

Nigeria’s Fiscal Deficits: A History of its Colonial Foundations, 1899 – 1959

In Search of the Meaning of Life: An Ethical Evaluation of Albert Camus’ Philosophy of Revolt

La Construction Impersonnelle En Français Et L’apprenant Esanophone De Français

The Concept of Chromaticism in African Art Music: An Analysis of Selected Works of Lazarus Ekwueme

Autobiography As Biography: A Commentary on Wole Soyinka’s Creation of Characters in Ake

The Americanization of the Child Soldier Narrative

Men and their Portrayal in Beloved: The Framing of Black and White Masculinities in a Slave- Owning World

“No Text is an Island”: Intertextuality in the Drama of Hope Eghagha

“Re-visiting the Prognostications of Quest & Associates on the Advertising of the Future”

James Baldwin’s Go Tell it on the Mountain and the Psychoanalytic Poetics: Affirming the Subjectivity of the African American

Prostitution: The Appetites of Athenian Men in the Classical Period

John Lyons’ Chomsky: A Review Essay

À-ì-Derived Nominals in Yorùbá

Constructing Gender: An exploration of Nigerian Men’s Conceptualization of Masculinities in Modern Nigerian Drama

A Cross-linguistic Analysis of Hyper-ECM constructions

The English Language and Spelling Pronunciation: A Case Study of the Phenomenon in Esan

Language, Culture and Identity: A Sociolinguistic Study of Bilingual Speech in Central Lagos

The Eagle of Womanhood: Dramatising the Strength of Nigerian Women in the Wake of Modern Experience

Building Ibadan on Ake: Childhood Influence and the Making of Adult Activist in the Autobiographies of Wole Soyinka

Bivalence, Classical Logic and the Problem of Contingent Statements

A Synthesis of Grice-Strawson‟s, and Putnam‟s Arguments in Defence of the Analytic-Synthetic Distinction

Nature, Sources and Causes of Political Instability

Kaine Agary‟s Yellow-Yellow : A Study in Ecocriticism

A Study of the Demonization of Black Women and the Myth of Black Female Sexuality in the Prose Narratives of José Lins Do Rego

Fracturing the Insularity of the Global State: War and Conflict in Moira Buffini's Welcome to Thebes

Feminine Melancholia in Gloria Naylor‟s Mama Day : A Kristevan Perspective

Re-Examination of the Traditional Yoruba Cultural Traditions of Morality and Their Implication for Abundant Life

Ma’atic Beauty: Ethics and Aesthetics of the Ancient Egyptians in Ayi Kwei Armah's Osiris Rising and KMT

Exploring Phonetic and Phonological Variation: RP and the Nigerian English Accent

On Monolingual Dictionaries and Child Language Development

A Correlational Analysis of Music Preferences and Behavioural Patterns of Nigerian Adolescents Resident in Enugu Town: Implications towards Development

Traditional Music and Dance: An Appreciation

A Discourse on the Creative Output of Contemporary Nigerian Musicians and their Place in the Global Community

Colonial Administrative Reorganizations and Inter-Group Relations in O'kunland

The Introduction of Western Education in Sierra Leone and the Emergence of the Educated Elite (1787 – 1850)

Un tour d‟horizon de la Littérature Comparée (A Survey of Comparative Literature)

Le Français et le processus d'intégration en Afrique (French and Africa's Integration Process)

Quand le Terme “Noir” Entre en Classe…

Ontological clarification of accountable leadership

Do witches really exist: A mystical-philosophical evaluation

The metaphysics of the upanishads: A critical exposition

Wole Soyinka's craft in the dramaturgy of Femi Osofisan: The examples of a and chattering and the song once upon four robbers

Culinary norms and social cohesion in akachi adimora-ezeigbo's trilogy

Cooperative principles in a Nigerian Christian Sermon

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