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Marang: Journal of Language and Literature

Marang: Journal of Language and Literature

Hiatus resolution in Ndau

Negotiating meaning through the labyrinthine meanderings of periodic and cumulative English sentences

Discursive representations of social meaning in Ben Okri’s Abiku fiction

Animus, “Amadiora” and Adichie: An apologia of psychic nexus

Patriarchy and social determinism: interrogating feminist agenda in Tanzania’s neglected poetry

Cognitive verbs and stance taking in Nigerian jobs and careers portals online

Language policy in Malawi: A study of its contexts, factors for its development and consequences

Resourcefulness of graphology: A stylistic study of three African poems

Ethnographic analysis of round characters’ Onomastics in Wole Soyinka’s Death and the King’s Horseman

Patriarchy and socialization in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus and Jamaica Kincaid’s Lucy

Xenophobia and self-acceptance: Applying Adler’s social interest theory to We Killed Mangy Dog

The 'drug' of deconstructive ambivalence in Thomas Middleton's Jacobean revenge tragedies

Techniques of unreadability in The Wings of the Dove

The phonologization of English words in Kalanga

Consonant assimilation in isiNdebele: A distinctive feature approach

Ten commandments for Setswana to be a resourceful vehicle of development in Botswana

Displacement of indigenous languages in families: A case study of some selected Nigerian families in Botswana

The ‘Many Worlds Interpretation’ theory of quantum physics and meaning explication in a second language context

Socio-dramatic transition of language use in the plays of Ola Rotimi

Diasporic post-colonial African children’s books and the logic of abjection

Battering ram, ivory wall – phallic symbols and aggression in Shakespeare’s The rape of lucrece

Gone are the days of ‘Kola(Nut)’: New trends in language habits and coding of corrupt practices in Nigeria

Representations of ‘Economic Hit Men’ in selected Malawian poetry

New role perspective of African American women in Terry Mcmillan’s Waiting To Exhale


English and the distinctly African University: The best of both worlds?

Contact between English and African oral traditions: Interfacing warring identities; the case of Zimbabwe

Teaching Shakespeare's sonnets in Botswana: The challenges of culturally-inscribed symbolism

Jackal the judge: An ecocentric approach to environmental education through African narrative performance

Space as resistance: Theatre venues as counter - hegemonic practice in post-colonial Zimbabwe

Theatre, place and privation: Staging silence and precarious existence in Lara Foot Newton's Tshepang

Strategies for Naming Tourist Sites in Botswana

The Syntax of the Setswana Noun Phrase

Haggling as a Socio-Pragmatic Strategy in Selected Urban Markets: An Amalgam of English and Nigerian Languages

Between Law and Literature: The Quest for Justice in Post-Independence Nigerian Fiction

History Plays As/Or Counterhistory Plays: A Study of Suzan-Lori Parks’s Major Plays

Interrogating Sexual Preoccupations in Tanure Ojaide’s The Activist

Babelian Reflections in Critical Tranquillity

Domestication of English in Femi Osofisan’s Drama: A Sociolinguistic Perspective

Promoting Metacognitive Learning Using Blogs in an L2 Learning Community

Arguments for a Cluster Analysis of Nasal Consonant Sequences of Sukwa

The Last Kick of a Dying Horse: Preserving Ethnic Identity in Shisukuma Greeting System

Implementation of Educational Innovation: The Case of Speaking Assessment in the BGCSE English Examination

Gap-Filling and Meaning Recovery in Conversations in Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun

Who Should Teach our Boys How to Respect Life?–Theorising Volatile Gender Identities in Botswana

Teachers’ Knowledge, Identification and Remediation of Writing Problems in Botswana’s Government-Aided Primary Schools

Conceptual Structures of QurʔĀnic SaʔAla ‘Ask’: An Analysis from Cognitive Linguistics

The Postcolonial African Novel as a Metanarrative of the Myth of the Nation- State: The Case of James Ng’ombe’s Novels

Postcolonial Exilic Narration in Femi Ojo-Ade’s Exile At Home

Ritual in Unity Dow’s Far And Beyon

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