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Mathematics Connection

Mathematics Connection

Gender Differences and Mathematics Achievement of Rural Senior Secondary Students in Cross River State, Nigeria

Games in the mathematics curriculum: Some conceptions and experiences of teachers in the Upper West Region of Ghana

The language barrier education in Africa: The challenge of learning and teaching mathematics in a second language

Pre-service teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching basic school mathematics

Prior Knowledge of relevant mathematical concepts and gender as factors in achievement in Stoichiometry

Shifting the paradigm: Multiple mode assessment strategies in distance teacher training programme for inclusivity

Social justice and mathematics education in Ghana

Ghana’s achievement in mathematics in TIMSS 2007

An investigation of primary and JHS teachers’ attitudes toward mathematics in some selected schools in the Central Region of Ghana

The effect of behavioural objectives used as advance organizers on senior secondary students’ mathematics achievement

The effect of conceptual and procedural learning strategies on the study habit of Nigerian secondary school students in mathematics

Reaching a national consensus on the duration of high school education in Ghana: a case for 3-year senior high education

Use of technology for college mathematics instruction: African instructors’ experiences

Induction of Beginning Teachers in Ghana: Principles and Prospects

Ghanaian teacher trainees’ perception of the official Social Studies curriculum and the resources available for its implementation

Five decades of school mathematics in Ghana

Gaps between inside school and out-of-school mathematics in Ghana

Comparative analysis of performance of eighth graders from six African countries

Pre-service teachers’ content knowledge for teaching basic school mathematics

Socio-economic background and the relative efficacy of self drills on factual recall and students’ achievement in mathematics in senior secondary schools in Nigeria

Beliefs, attitudes and self-confidence in learning mathematics among basic school students in the Central Region of Ghana

Impact of in-service education and training programmes on teachers’ capacity to teach for the development of literacy and study skills in social studies

An Investigation into factors influencing the choice of business education in two tertiary institutions in Nigeria

Attitudes of junior secondary school students in the Cape Coast Metropolitan area toward mathematics

Credit in mathematics in senior secondary certificate examinations as a predictor of success in educational management in universities in Ondo and Ekiti

Developing algebraic thinking through group discussion

An evaluation of the out-segment component of the initial teacher training programme in Ghana

Support services available to part-time students in Accra, Ghana: Implications for distance education

Counting schemes of Ghanaian primary school children

Overcoming language difficulties in solving mathematics problems in basic schools in Ghana

Development of an Inventory of Learning Tasks for Technical Drawing instruction in the West African Sub-Region

Mathematics as Language for Involving Secondary School Children in Science and Technology in Ondo State, Nigeria

A Comparative Study of the Teaching Efficiency of Outreach Trained and Non-Outreach Trained Basic School Mathematics Teachers in the Central Region of Ghana

Effect of Calculator Use in Mathematics Computation by Junior Secondary School Form Two Pupils: A Case Study in the Cape Coast Municipality in Ghana

Mathematics Phobia in Developing Areas: Implications for Technical Manpower Development in Nigeria

Applying Constructivist Theories of Teaching and Learning to the Teaching and Learning of Adult !umeracy in the Further Education Sector in the UK

Report of the Ghana National Working Party on the Use of Calculators in the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) Mathematics Paper

Ghanaian JSS2 students' abysmal mathematics achievement in TIMSS-2003: a consequence of the basic school mathematics curriculum

Contribution of continuous assessment to student learning in mathematics in senior secondary schools: case study of the Birim South district

Constructivism and mathematics education in Ghana

The relationship between students' BECE and SSSCE grades in mathematics

Opportunity to learn English and mathematics in Ghanaian primary schools: implications for teacher education programmes

Gender differences in junior secondary school pupils' intention to participate in elective mathematics at the senior

Sex-differences in attitude of students towards mathematics in secondary schools

Critical analysis of the policy practice of mathematics education in Ghana

Mathematical model for water quality (portable water): a case study

Basic school pupils' strategies in solving subtraction problems

Helping students overcome mathematics anxiety

Mathematics teachers' knowledge of the subject content and methodology

Mathematics teaching/learning in basic and senior secondary schools

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