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Madagascar Conservation And Development

Madagascar Conservation And Development

Circuit court du marché des produits agricolesj : pour une gestion efficace du paysage ouvert, cas du bassin-versant de Maningory, Madagascar

Tool development to understand rural resource users’ land use and impacts on land type changes in Madagascar

Play, learn, explore: grasping complexity through gaming and photography

Fair and equitable conservation: do we really want it, and if so, do we know how to achieve it?

Taboo adherence and presence of Perrier’s sifaka ( Propithecus perrieri ) in Andrafiamena forest

Mind the gap: the use of research in protected area management in Madagascar

An evaluation of the interactions among household economies, human health, and wildlife hunting in the Lac Alaotra wetland complex of Madagascar

Potential of Opuntia seed oil for livelihood improvement in semi-arid Madagascar

The use of natural resources to improve household income, health, and nutrition within the forests of Kianjavato, Madagascar

Rabies in primates: are aggressive pet lemurs a risk to humans?

Dryland tree data for the Southwest region of Madagascar: alpha-level data can support policy decisions for conserving and restoring ecosystems of arid and semiarid regions

Miscellaneous behavioural observations of Malagasy birds

La place pour le concept d’État gardien en droit de l’environnement dans l’encadrement du secteur minier à Madagascar


Humpback whale, Megaptera novaeangliae , song during the breeding season in the Gulf of Tribugá, Colombian Pacific

Where does the air go? Anatomy and functions of the respiratory tract in the humpback whale ( Megaptera novaeangliae )

Humpback whale, Megaptera novaeangliae, song during the breeding season in the Gulf of Tribugá, Colombian Pacific

Grass survey of the Itremo Massif records endemic central highland grasses

Editorial: Tartuffe’s Madagascar: conservation hypocrisy

Effets de la production de charbon de bois sur les fourrés xérophiles, cas du plateau de Belomotse, Madagascar

Understanding the role of organizational legitimacy within the realm of the community-based conservation approach

The cost of making compensation payments to local forest populations in a REDD+ pilot project in Madagascar

A history of conservation politics in Madagascar

Trade of parrots in urban areas of Madagascar

Editorial: Approaching the limits

Value of useful goods and ecosystem services from Agnalavelo sacred forest and their relationships with forest conservation

Three new species of Grosphus Simon 1880, (Scorpiones: Buthidae) from Madagascar; possible vicariant cases within the Grosphus bistriatus group of species

Which form of agreement works for communitybased management? A case study from southwestern Madagascar

Local community perceptions of conservation policy: rights, recognition and reactions

Barking up the right tree: Understanding local attitudes towards dogs in villages surrounding Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar can benefit applied conservation

Two sides to every coin: farmers’ perceptions of mining in the Maningory watershed, Madagascar

Interview: Madagascar’s rosewood stocks – which way to go?

Editorial: Appréhender le changement climatique dans une interface Homme-forêt

The cattle raiders leave us no choice: New transhumance in the Mahafaly Plateau region in Madagascar

First records of illegal harvesting and trading of black corals (Antipatharia) in Madagascar

Synthesis of the silky sifaka’s distribution ( Propithecus candidus )

A review of the Pteropus rufus (É. Geoffroy, 1803) colonies within the Tolagnaro region of southeast Madagascar – an assessment of neoteric threats and conservation condition

A proposal for ethical research conduct in Madagascar

Editorial: Madagascar's open landscapes under the spotlight

Effects of transhumance route on the richness and composition of bird communities in Tsimanampesotse National Park

Lake Alaotra wetlands: how long can Madagascar's most important rice and fish production region withstand the anthropogenic pressure?

Water hyacinth ( Eichhornia crassipes ), any opportunities for the Alaotra wetlands and livelihoods?

Complementarity of native and introduced tree species: Exploring timber supply on the east coast of Madagascar

Habitat corridor utilization by the gray mouse lemur, Microcebus murinus , in the littoral forest fragments of southeastern Madagascar

Editorial: Increasing women’s participation in community based conservation: Key to success?

Importance, impacts de l’utilisation et gestion rationnelle du satrana ou Hyphaene coriacea Gaertn. (Arecaceae) près de la baie de Rigny, Antsiranana (Madagascar)

The value of the spineless monkey orange tree ( Strychnos madagascariensis ) for conservation of northern sportive lemurs ( Lepilemur milanoii and L. ankaranensis )

Comparison of parasitic infections and body condition in rufous mouse lemurs ( Microcebus rufus ) at Ranomafana National Park, southeast Madagascar

Understanding deforestation and forest fragmentation from a livelihood perspective

Historique de la colonisation du milieu de la presqu' île d'Ampasindava : transformations du paysage et système de conservation

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