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Momona Ethiopian Journal of Science

Performance Analysis of Solar Autoclave for Rural Health Center

Inverse Transmission Line Modeling of GPR for Landmine Detection and Subsurface Parameter Estimation

The Efficiency of Cactus Leaves and Wood Charcoal as a Potential Low-Cost Adsorbent for Removal of Toxic Heavy Metals from Industrial Effluents

Reduced Tillage and Intercropping as a Means to Increase Yield and Financial Return in the Drylands of Tigray, northern Ethiopia: A Case Study under Rainfed and Irrigation Conditions

Developmental plasticity: a phenological mechanism to endure later stage water deficit stresses in tef [Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter] varieties

Determination of Antimicrobial Activity and Phytochemical Screening of Selected Medicinal Plants in Tigray region of Northern Ethiopia

Influence of urea-fortified corncob diets on growth performance and carcass characteristics in West African dwarf goats

Prevalence of Bovine Fasciolosis in Selected Dairy Farms of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Retrospective Study on Prevalence of Human Taeniasis in Mekelle, Tigray, Ethiopia

Comparative study of antireflection coating materials for solar thermal collectors

Steam-based charging-discharging of a PCM heat storage

Polypropylene nano-composites at high strain rate impacts: Characterization, failure modes, and modeling

Simulation of Phase Meter using TINA Software

Radiological Impacts of Natural Radioactivity in Locally Produced Tobacco Products in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

Explicit Pre A*-algebra

Indirect Estimation of Selected Measures of Fertility and Marital Fertility from Information on CWR (0-9): An Application to India /States /Districts

Effects of Indole-3-Acetic Acid on the Growth Parameters of Citrullus lanatus (Thunberg) Matsum and Nakai

Effect of Rhamnus prinoide (Gesho) Intercropping in Wheat Field on Soil Nutrient and Moisture in the Drylands of North Ethiopia

Effect of NPK and blended fertilizer application on nutrient uptake and use efficiency of selected sorghum ( Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) varieties under rain-fed condition in Sheraro District, northern Ethiopia

Assessment of sustainable yield and optimum fishing effort for the tilapia ( Oreochromis niloticus L. 1758) stock of Lake Hawassa, Ethiopia

Effects of feeding different sorghum varieties on the haematological parameters and carcass measurements of growing rabbits

Allelopathic effect of meskit ( Prosopis juliflora (Sw.) DC) aqueous extracts on tropical crops tested under laboratory conditions

Energy consumption performance analysis of electrical mitad at Mekelle City

Dynamic response of ground supported rectangular water tanks to earthquake excitation

Nano Fe 3 O 4 –graphite paste modified electrochemical sensor for phosphatic pesticide -chlorpyrifos

Propagation of waves in a gravitating and rotating anisotropic heat conducting plasma

Lithological and structural controls on the development of aquifer in basement rock dominated Tsalit- Ira River Basin, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

Theoretical analyses of superconductivity in iron based superconductor Ba 1−x K x Fe 2 As 2

Global Variations of Ionospheric Total Electron Content (TEC) Derived from GPS Global Ionospheric Maps

Hydrothermal gold mineralization and structural controls near May Hibey, Northwestern Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

Geological and Geomechanical Properties of Abraha-Atsibha and Wukro rock-hewn churches and its surroundings, Tigray Region, Northern Ethiopia

Modeling and optimization of the single-leg multi-fare class overbooking problem

Evaluation of land suitability for selected tree species in the Mesozoic Highlands of Ethiopia

Effect of different cereal blends on the quality of Injera a staple food in the highlands of Ethiopia

Effect of combined application of organic and mineral nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer on soil physico-chemical properties and grain yield of food barley ( Hordeum vulgare L. ) in Kaffa Zone, South-western Ethiopia

Isolation and characterization of efficient Phosphate Solubilizing Bacillus (PSB) from different agro-ecological zones of Tigray soil, Ethiopia

Population Size and Diet of Bush Hyrax Hetrohyrax brucei (Gray 1868) in the Isolated Romanat Michael Church Forest in Northern Ethiopia, Implication for Conservation

Feeding habits and trace metal concentrations in the muscle of lapping minnow Garra quadrimaculata (Rüppell, 1835) (Pisces: Cyprinidae) in Lake Hawassa, Ethiopia

Prevalence of Parasitic contamination of salad vegetables in Ilorin, North Central, Nigeria

Ethnomathematics in Ethiopia: Futile or Fertile for Mathematics Education?

Fourth order compact finite difference method for solving singularly perturbed 1D reaction diffusion equations with dirichlet boundary conditions

Comparative Study on Anxiety between Student Players of Different Ball Games in 2013 National Ethiopian Universities Sports Competition

Assessment and Evaluation of Volcanic Rocks Used as Construction Materials in the City of Addis Ababa

Geochemistry of metavolcanics and granitic intrusive from western margin of northern afar depression, Dallol, Northern Ethiopia

A preliminary Geological and Generalized Stratigraphy of Western Margin of Northern Afar Depression, Dallol Area, Northern Ethiopia

Hydrogeological Characteristics of Groundwater Yield in Shallow Wells of the Regolith Aquifer: a Study from Ilorin, Nigeria

The Extent of Immature Fish Harvesting by the Commercial Fishery in Lake Hawassa, Ethiopia

Determination of Growth Rate and Age Structure of Boswellia papyrifera from Tree Ring Analysis: Implications for Sustainable Harvest Scheduling

Investigating the Relationship between Team Cohesion and Self-Presentation among Different Competitive Team Sports of Ethiopian Universities

Effect of Water on Coal Strength

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