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Moroccan Journal of Chemistry

Synthesis and Characterization of Natural Zeolite with Ordered Ion Imprinted Polymer Structures (IIP@AFINZ) for Selective Cr(VI) Adsorption from Aqueous Solution

Authors: Y. A.B Neolaka G. Supriyanto, H. S. Kusuma

Journal: Moroccan Journal of Chemistry

In this paper, it is reported for first time about modification of activated natural zeolite from Flores Island Indonesia with ion imprinted polymer (IIP@AFINZ) for selective adsorption of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution. Here, the IIP@AFINZ was prepared by using template ion, complex agent, monomer, cross-linker such as: Cr(VI), 4-Vp, EGDMA, BPO respectively. Polymerization was leading in porogent ethanol : acetone. Several adsorption parameter such as pH effect, mass adsorbent, contact times, temperature and initial sample concentration toward adsorption process of Cr(VI) were also studied. The maximum adsorption capacity for IIP@AFINZ is 6.476 mg/L higher than on the NIP@AFINZ is 3.266 mg/L. The process of adsorption follows pseudo-second-order kinetic model and Langmuir isotherm model. The competitive adsorption studied showed a good performance of IIP@AFINZ to adsorption the Cr(VI) ion from water sample. Moreover, the reusability test for five times Cr(VI) adsorption using  IIP@AFINZ  showed there was no decrease of adsorption capacity was observed.