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Nnamdi Azikiwe University Journal of International Law and Jurisprudence

Nnamdi Azikiwe University Journal of International Law and Jurisprudence

Deconstructing the legality of humanitarian intervention under positive international law

Impact of the judiciary on the Nigerian social and economic development

United Nations Peacekeeping Force operation in armed conflict: a legal duty or a choice to observe international humanitarian law?

Environmental litigation in Nigeria: the role of the judiciary

Strengthening legislative controls over delegated legislation in Nigeria

Overview of the national tax policy and its implication for tax administration in Nigeria

A review of literature on the implementation of international law on reduction of aviation emission in Nigeria

Environmental impact of End of Life Tyre (ELT) or scrap tyre waste pollution and the need for sustainable waste tyre disposal and transformation mechanism in Nigeria

Abuse of exercise of emergency powers under civil rule in Nigeria: an overview

Enhancing protection of internally displaced persons through domestic law and policy

Legal implications of judicial review on political disputes

Insecurity and conflicts: the place of human rights under the Nigerian law

Prisoners’ rights: setting a global standard for Nigerian inmates

Making a case against modern terrorism: critical analysis of the warfare principles under Islamic International Law

Appraisal of issues involved in signing of court processes in Nigeria

Fate of a legal practitioner in Nigeria adjudged guilty of professional misconduct

Appraisal of the national biosafety management agency (NBMA) Act 2015

Towards sustainable development of environmental resources in Nigeria: examining the limitations

Ultra vires doctrine in Nigerian company law vis-a-vis positions in Ghana and the United Kingdom

Islam and constitutionalism in Nigeria: 1999 constitution and the challenges of Islamic law and practices

Implementation and enforcement of the federal character principle in Nigeria

Nature of terrorism and anti-terrorism laws in Nigeria

Why states comply with decisions of international human rights tribunals: A review of the principal theories and perspectives

Legal responsibility for IHL and human rights violations committed by United Nations peacekeeping missions

Cultural practices and human rights implications on HIV/AIDS discrimination and other related issues in Nigeria

Scope and relevance of customary arbitration as mechanism for settlement of dispute in the 21st century

Taxation of electronic commerce in developing countries: A case for shifting of focus to consumption taxes

Assessment, Aviation Emission, International Law, Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations 2015.

Rethinking existing detention laws and policies in non international armed conflicts under International Humanitarian Law

Examining the requirements for conferment of the rank of senior advocate of Nigeria vis-à-vis decongestion of courts

Legal framework on clean and renewable energy towards sustainable environment in Nigeria

Towards a human rights approach for the treatment of migrants in Nigeria

Law clinics and access to justice for pretrial detainees in Nigeria

A case for the fusion of anti-graft agencies in Nigeria

Feminists’ body sensitivity: An overview of the Western and Nigerian perspectives*

A critical analysis of the status and rights of non-combatants under Islamic International Law

Doctrine of constructive dismissal in labour/employment law in Nigeria: A review of the decision in Modilim v United Bank for Africa PLC

Separation of powers: Panacea for good governance in Nigeria

Child molestation in Nigeria: The way forward for the victim

Quest for cost-reflective electricity tariffs in Nigeria: Managing the conflict between politics and economics

Some religio-cultural practices against the property rights of women and children in Nigeria and specified African countries

Health status of senior citizens vis-à-vis the National Health Insurance Scheme in Nigeria

Corporate personality in company jurisprudence: Divergences in theoretical perspectives

Medico-legal examination of biological responses to sexual stimulation and the law on rape in Nigeria

A critique of the legal framework for arresting the threat of internal displacement of persons to Nigeria’s national security

Defining the agency of the police: conflicting legal approaches

Complementarity and completed trials: reforming the Ne bis in idem clause of Article 20(3) of the Rome Statute

Comparative examination of exercise of emergency powers (Nigeria, India and Egypt)

Development of the human rights of women in a cultural milieu

Local government council as a constituent of the Nigerian Federation: benefits and constitutional constraints

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