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The effect of microwave on dimenstional accuracles of maxillary denture bases

Awareness and knowledge of oral cancer amongst dental therapists in Nigeria: A pilot study

Special considerations by dentists while rendering dental treatment to pregnant women: A cross-sectional study

Knowledge and motivation of Nigeria dental students towards the use of rubber dam

Preventive and interceptive orthodontic treatment need in a Nigerian Teaching Hospital

Preventive therapy and periodontal status of pregnant women in Lagos University Teaching Hospital

Periodontal status and treatment needs of a group of epileptics attending a tertiary health facility

Reconstruction of mandibular continuity defect with double-barrel vascularised free-fibula flap - A case report

Oral rehabilitation of a patient with amelogenesis imperfecta - a case report

Molecular genetics of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: A review

Eruption of primary Incisors: prevalence of sequence reversal and attitude of mothers In a Yoruba Community

Prevalence of traumadc dental Injuries among new orthodondc padents seen at the University of Benin Teachln1 Hospital, Nigeria

A study of histopathological variants of orofacial llpoma in a Nigerian population

An In vitro comparadve evaluadon of a hand file and three rotary Nill Instruments for removing gutta percha during root canal re-treatment

Periodontal status and treatment needs of primary school teachers in the absence of formal school oral health programme

Simultaneious occurrence of periodontal disease and dental caries in Ibadan seconday school children

Lymphoepitheloal-like carcinoma of the submandibular gland

Polymorphous low grade adenocarcinoma of the palate a case report

Preventing HIV/AIDS through education: the role of primary and secondary school teachers in Nigeria

An assessment of cross infection control practice in Nigerian oral health care workers

Comparative study of analgesic effectiveness of single doses of paracetamol and ibuprofen in a dental pain model

A study of tooth brushing pattern and its effects on dental tissues in Obafemi Awolowo University students

Analysis of 155 cases of head and neck cancers seen over a 3-year period at University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital

Fabrication of custom made ocular prosthesis with three different impression techniques: a report of four cases

Surgical management of intraosseous compound odontome preserving permanent incisors - report of two cases

Oral ulcerative lesions: a review of 55 cases in Benin-City, Nigeria

Association between traumatic dental injuries (TDIs) and caries experience in a selected northern Nigerian population

Cervical vertebrae staging in pre-orthodontic patients in Benin City, Nigeria

Estimation and comparison of tensile bond strengths at resin-dentin interface of total-etch and self-etch bonding systems

Availability of non- and low- fluoride paediatric toothpastes in Nigeria: a need for indigenous affordable formulations

Gender differences in oral health attitudes and behaviour among Nigerian clinical dental students

Cigarette smoking, snuff use and alcohol drinking: the associated risk behaviour for oral health in young Indian males

Oral amelanotic malignant melanoma: a rare entity with diagnostic challenge

Supernumerary primary teeth and the clinical significance: a report of two cases

News and Event: The pioneer female dentist

Age at referral for first orthodontic consultation in a Nigerian Hospital

Oral health practices and self-assessed dental status of an adult population in Benin City, Nigeria

Evaluation of accuracy of OraQuick ® rapid test in detecting HIV antibodies in saliva of Nigerians

Diagnostic and treatment dilemma of gingival enlargement: a report of 3 cases

Multiple maxillofacial fractures in a patient undergoing orthodontic treatment: a case report

The multidisciplinary approach to the management toxic epidermal necrolysis syndrome (TENS) – a case report

A C T 91 Intraoral penetrating injury from a long metallic foreign body: a case report

Restorative and orthodontic interdisciplinary management of an adult patient using modified Hawley appliance: a case report

An assessment of the role of government health related policies in improving the oral health status of Nigerians

Diagnosis and clinical management of teeth with vertical root fractures: a literature review

A preliminary study of psychological pain among patients attending the dental clinic of a tertiary hospital

Knowledge and awareness of orthodontics among Nigerian school children in selected private and public schools in Lagos

A longitudinal study of the prevalence of gingival bleeding among selected Nigerian pregnant women

A pilot survey of impression materials and techniques used by dentists in the fabrication of fixed indirect restorations

Relationship of oral hygiene status and practices with oral lesions in a group of HIV positive patients in Lagos, Nigeria

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