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Nidan: International Journal for Indian Studies

Nidan: International Journal for Indian Studies

Introducing ‘Christianity in India’

The cantonment town of Aurangabad : contextualizing Christian missionary activities in the nineteenth century

‘Worship towards the east’ : texts and transitions of Christianity in Kerala

Evangelii gaudium : Catholicism as the source of consolation in Goan society

Com tudo o mais á pertençe a solemnid. de huâ grande festa – spotlights on ‘music’ in the Jesuit mission in South India during the late 17th and 18th centuries

Women and church politics : a study of the Mizoram Presbyterian Church

Bharatiya Pooja : worshiping Jesus using Hindu methods

Simão Gomes S.J. and God’s Human Avatāra : religious language use in Sarveśvarācā Gnāna Upadeśa

A socio-evangelistic mobilization of the depressed castes in late 19th century colonial coastal Andhra

“In His radiance I would be cleared of my black colour” : life and songs of Dalit Christians in colonial Kerala

An analysis of political power through royal iconography

The Making of a Modern Temple and a Hindu City: Kālīghāṭ and Kolkata, Deonnie Moodie

Missionary Christianity and Local Religion: American Evangelism in North India, 1836-1870, Arun W. Jones

Essays of a Lifetime: Reformers, Nationalists, Subalterns, Sarkar Sumit

Introduction : Indian diaspora : migration, identity and ethnicity (part two)

Pachrāt song tradition and ritual agency in Trinidad

Muscular Mahabharatas : masculinity and transnational Hindu identity

Digital mūrtis, virtual darśan and a Hindu religioscape

Secular conflict : challenges in the construction of the Chino Hills BAPS Swaminarayan temple

Routledge Handbook of Contemporary India, Knut A. Jacobsen  (Ed.)

Shakti’s New Voice: Guru Devotion in a Woman-Led Spiritual Movement, Angela Rudert

Nine Nights of the Goddess: The Navarātri Festival of South Asia, Caleb Simmons, Moumita Sen, & Hillary Rodrigues (Eds.)

Hinduism and Nature, Nanditha Krishna

Introduction : contemporary expressions of Hinduism in the Indian diaspora of North America and the Caribbean

Making homes in the American world : Bengali Hindu women’s transformations to home shrine care traditions in the U.S.

Meat-filled samosas, the American legal system, and multiculturalism

Swami Chinmayananda, Hinduism, and diaspora configurations : identifying the effects of a modern advaita-vedāntin on the Hindu diaspora in North America

From Kala Pani to Gangadhaara : sacred space and the trauma of indentureship in Trinidad

Heathen, Hindoo, Hindu: American Representations of India, Michael J. Altman

Ritual Innovation: Strategic Interventions in South Asian Religion, Brian K. Pennington & Amy L. Allocco (Eds.)

Editor’s note

Image and word in the works of Rabindranath Tagore

The privileges of diaspora : the selected work of Indo-Trinidadian artist Shalini Seereeram

The two talking yonis : the use of Hindu iconography in conversations of race, identity, politics and womanhood within contemporary South African art

The spell of Indophilia in the imagination of South Africa

Shiptown : Between Rural and Urban North India, Ann Grodzins Gold

The role and status of the king’s priest in Kāmbujadeśa

The Liṅga and bronzes of the Perunakar temple

Northrop Frye and Patanjali

Theories of rebirth and nature of Prakṛti : philosophical hermeneutics within a Darśana (Philosophical School)

Religion, Devotion and Medicine in North India. The Healing power of Sitala, Fabrizio M. Ferrari

Introduction : the moralizing of dharma in everyday Hinduisms

Yajña without Dharma? : Ritual and Morality in the All World Gayatri Pariwar

Daiva Varṇāśrama dharma and the formation of modern Vaiṣṇava subjects in the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Mumbai

Daily pūjā : moralizing dharma in the BAPS Swaminarayan Hindu tradition

Editorial note

Indian indentured labourers of Guyana - a historical fiction perspective

Totaram Sanadhya's experience of racism in early white Australia (a transcreated narrative)

Routes and dwellings : transnationality and writing the Indian diaspora in Ethiopia in Abraham Verghese's Cutting for stone

Hindostanis in Suriname 1873-1920 : indenture, plantations and beyond

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