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Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice

Prevalence of traumatic dental injuries and associated factors among 8 to 12-years-old schoolchildren in Diyarbakir, Turkey

Authors: EC Tumen, ? Yavuz, S Kaya, E Uysal, DS Tümen, Y Ay, G Ba?aran, Ö Ad?güzel, Y De?er, N Laçin

Journal: Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice

Background and objectives: This study aimed to assess the prevalence of traumatic injuries of the permanent incisors in public primary schoolchildren from 8 to 12 years old in South-Eastern Anatolia, Turkey. Additionally, the relationship between traumatic dental injuries, parents' education level, family income, size of incisal overjet and the presence of anterior open bite were examined. Materials and Methods: Data were collected through oral examinations and structured interviews, and included socio-economic indicators. A total of 2907 children of both genders (1498 boys, 1409 girls) were included in the study. The response rate was 97%. Results: The prevalence of dental injuries was 4.6% (n = 135). The highest frequency of trauma in permanent teeth was observed at the age of 12 (8%). Boys experienced more dental injuries than girls, 5.9% and 3.3% (p = 0.001), respectively. The most commonly reported cause of injuries to the permanent incisors was falls (71.8%), followed by collision with objects or people (17.8%). Maxillary central incisors were the most affected by dental injuries (154, 84.6%). The most common crown fracture was in enamel only (67.58%) followed by crown fracture of enamel and dentin (22.52%). Conclusion: Socio-economic indicators and parents' level of education were not statistically significantly associated with the occurrence of traumatic dental injuries. Factors associated with increased risk of dental injuries in permanent teeth were age, gender, having an incisal overjet greater than 5mm and anterior open bite.