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Nigerian Journal of Chemical Research

Adsorption Isotherms and Thermodynamics Study of Cd (II), Cr (III) and Cr (VI) binding by Natural Goethite and Synthetic Goethite Adsorbents

Adsorptive Removal of Hexavalent Chromium using Synthetic Goethite Nanoparticles

Synthesis and characterisation of mixed ligand dinuclearmetal(II) complexes of anthranilic acid and pyridine-2-aldoxime

Proximate and Antinutrients Compositions, and Health Risk Assessment of Toxic Metals in Some Edible Vegetables

Bioaccumulation of PAHs in Fishes from Ogidigben-Escravos Estuaries

Electrical Conductivity, Electronic Absorption, IR and NMR Studies On Cr(III), Sn(IV) and Pb(IV) Complexes of an Azo Ligand derived from Isatin and 4-Aminoantipyrine.

Chemical compositions from the leaf extracts of Funtumiaafricana (Benth.) stapf with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.

Post-Column Derivatization and Quantitative Determination of Vanillin in Ice cream and Custard Powder by High Performance Liquid Chromatography Technique (HPLC)

Determination of Physicochemical Properties and Fatty Acid Profile of Oil Extract of Blighia sapida Fruit from Selected Areas in Niger State, Nigeria

Synthesis of Heterogeneous Catalyst from Waste Snail Shells for Biodiesel Production using Afzelia africana Seed Oil

GC-MS Analysis of Ethyl Acetate Fraction of the whole Plant Extract of Dyschoriste perrottetii (Acanthaceae)

Studies on Adsorption of lambda-cyhalothrin-EC on Cotton Mosquito Net

Evaluation of inhibitory effect of Phoenix dactylifera Ethanol Seeds Extract against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus

Bio-Guided Assay Fractionation of Methanol Extract on Cysteine Protease of Plasmodium Falciparum

Characterisation of Colourant Extracted from Riped Cashew Fruits

Characterisation of Colourant Extracted from Almond Leaves

Comparative Study of the Level of some Heavy Metals in Spinach ( Amaranthus Caudatus ) grown in selected Irrigated and Non- Irrigated Farmland of Kaduna Metropolis.

Studies on interference of adsorption of heavy metal ions on chelating sorbents from cassava and Amidoxime-modified Polyacrylonitrile-grafted-Cassava Starch

Phytochemical Analysis and In-vitro Anti Plasmodia Activity of Chrozophora Senegalensis Extracts on Plasmodium falciparum

Comparative Study of Biofuel Potentials of Adansonia digitata, Citrullus lanatus and Lagenaria siceraria seedoils

Phytochemical Screening and in vitro Activity of Allium cepa . L. Ethanol Extract Against Bacteria Isolated from Hawked Moringa oleifera Meal Sold within Kaduna Metropolis

Optimization of Transesterification of Lophira lanceolata (False Shea) Seeds Oil to Alkyl Esters using Response Surface Methodology

Ecology and Distribution of Freshwater Snails in Gimbawa Dam, Kaduna State, Nigeria

Levels of essential and non-essential elements in commercially available moringa herbal teas sold in Nigeria

Kinetics study of balanites aegyptiaca oil transesterification for the production of biodiesel

Mixed metal complexes of isoniazid and ascorbic acid: chelation, characterization and antimicrobial activities

Waste printing paper as analogous adsorbents for heavy metals in aqueous solution

Kinetic and thermodynamic studies on adsorption of sulphate from aqueous solution by magnetite, activated carbon and magnetite-activated carbon composites

Synthesis of new ruthenium (II) complexes containing isocyanide and labile nitrile ligands

Transfer of heavy metals from soil to lettuce (Lactuca sativa) grown in irrigated farmlands of Kaduna Metropolis, Nigeria

Quality assessment of biodiesels from Lophira Lanceolata and Ziziphus Mauritiana Seed oils

Transfer of heavy metals from soil to cabbage ( Brassica oleracea ) grown in irrigated farmlands of Kaduna Metropolis

Removal of Cu(II) by amidoxime-modified polyacrylonitrile-grafted-cassava starch

GC-MS analysis, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of extracts from Ficus mucoso leaves

Rainwater Quality Assessment in Uyo Metropolis using Water Quality Index

Removal of Ni (II), Co (II) and Pb (II) ions from aqueous media using Starch Stabilized Magnetic Nanoparticles as adsorbents

Evaluation of Drug Quality (III): Determination of Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride Concentration in Pharmaceutical Tablets

Assessment of Leaching of some Heavy Metals from Domestic Ceramic Wares

Seasonal Variations in Physicochemical Properties of Water, Sediment and Fish of Tiga Dam, Kano-Nigeria

Phytochemical Screening and Antibacterial Activities of Hibiscus sabdariffa L. Leaf Extracts

Assessment of the Physicochemical Quality of Challawa Gorge Dam Kano, Nigeria

1 Nigerian Journal of Chemical Research Vol. 19, 2014 Physicochemical Characterization of Wastewaters from a Cluster of Industries in Jos, Nigeria

Synthesis and Characterization of Copper (II) Complex of Glycine

Ampicillin potentials as Corrosion Inhibitor: fukui function calculations using B3-YLP exchange correlation

Synthesis of Nano-Light Magnesium Hydride for Hydrogen Storage

Isolation and Characterization of Bioactive Constituents of Boscia salicifolia . Olive (Capparaceae)

Proximate, Mineral and Anti-nutritional Composition of Cucurbita maxima Fruits Parts

Cytotoxicity of Citrullus lanatus (Thunb) Mansf. on Artemia salina (brine shrimp test)

Phytochemical and antimicrobial screening of the fruit pulp of Canarium schweifurthii (ATILE)

Fermentation potentials of Citrus limon and Hibiscus sabdariffa juice extracts

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