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Nigerian Journal of Economic History

Nigerian Journal of Economic History

Iron smelting technology in the Abuja Area in the nineteenth century: an ethno–archaeological perspective

The legal and ethical issues in the techniques of blood transfusion procedure

Impact of Nigerian Institute For Oil Palm Research (N.I.F.O.R.) on oil palm industry in Nigeria

Relevance of pottery on traditional African economy: an ethnoarchaeological case study of north-east Yoruba land

Contributions of Esan women to sustainable economic development and the consolidation of intra and inter-group relations, 1850-1960

The economy of palm oil production and marketing in Igala land

Impedes to effective collection of local government revenue and effect on service delivery in Cameroon: an appraisal of the situation in the Wum Central Council, 1965 – 1974

Economic empowerment and rehabilitation of ex-servicemen in western Nigeria, 1945-1960

Cash-less policy in Nigeria: challenges and prospects

The Nigerian Marine Department contribution to British colonial economy

Urhobo migrants and the Ikale palm oil industry, 1850-1968

"Tokensim" as imperial policy: an assessment of British aid to Nigeria, 1929-1939

The dynamics of finance in the Nigerian travelling theatre

The subversion of labour militancy in Nigeria: a case study of the Nigeria labour congress

Diamonds and constitutional (DIS) order in Sierra Leone

The World Bank and Nigeria's health care sector: a preliminary appraisal

Nigeria's trade regimes and economic perfomance (1970-1995): an historical sketch

The Upper Nun Valley Development Authority (UNVDA) and socio-economic change in the Ndop region of Cameroon, 1970-1995

Corruption in the politics and economy of Nigeria: implications for national development

Book Review Eminent Yoruba Muslims of the 19 th and early 20 th Centuries By Siyam Oyeweso (1999)

Pre-colonial salt manufacture and trade in Ejagha-country of the Upper Cross River Basin, Manyu division of Cameroon

The development of roads and road transportation in South-Western Nigeria, 1906-1920

Road development in Kwara State: a review

Development of economic infrastructures in Nigeria: an analysis

The negative impact of structural adjustment programme on agriculture in Nigeria

Impact of macro-economic policy reforms on the output and prices of food grains in Nigeria

Fostering economic development in Africa within the framework of bourgeois-oriented paradigm: a mirage or reality

The evolution and spread of Irish potatoes cultivation in the Jos Plateau area of Nigeria, 1936-1960

Esan women, agriculture and colonial rule

National development planning in Nigeria: sectoral budgetary allocations and implementation, 1946-1997

Population growth, resource consumption and sustainable development in Nigeria

Constraints to development in a newly created state: the Kwara phenomenon, 1967-1979

The consequences of Nigeria's debt burden on a new international economic order

The economy, resource management and the maintenance of national security in Nigeria: a critique of the Shagari, Babangida and Abacha regimes

Structural adjustment programme and development in the third world: an appraisal

Feminism and the global economic development of human capital: a philosophical analysis

The Yoruba traditional economy in ethical perspectives

Inter-regional migrations, urban multiculturalism and the 'mixed court' system in colonial Nothern Nigeria

Religion and economic development in Nigeria

The church and economic development in Southern Ondo State: an examination of Ondo and Ayetoro communities

Economic relevance of ethnomedicinal plants to national food security

National budgets on human resources development in Nigeria & the need to ameliorate past asymmetry

Small and medium scale enterprises: the Nigerian experience

Legal and judicial protection of trademarks in Nigeria: a retrospective examination

The development strategy of Akwa Ibom State: 1987-1999

Ilorin textile industry in the pre-colonial period

Slavery, farm slaves and agriculture in nineteenth century Ibadan

Review Essay A history of colonialism through post-colonial lenses: reading Mahmood Mamdani's citizen and subject

Book Review A Saro community in the Niger Delta, 1912-1984: the Potts-Johnsons of Port Harcourt and their Heirs By Mac Dixon-Fyle (1999)

The development of road transport in the Cross River Basin of Nigeria: 1940-1960

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