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Nigerian Journal of Genetics

Casein (CSN 3 ) variability of the Nigerian Red Sokoto Goat

Genetic variation in growth performance of Giriraja, Indian white leghorn and improved indigenous chicken genotypes in South West Nigeria

Graphical assessment of yield stability and adaptation in cowpeas ( Vigna unguiculata (L) Walp)

Production of Recombinant Glucosyltransferase S in Escherichia coli with and without coproduction of molecular chaperones

Estimate of variance components and heritability in sugarcane under moisture stress and non-moisture stress conditions

Effect of plant growth regulators on indirect somatic embryogenesis of Kenaf ( Hibiscus cannabinus )

Multi-environment trial of newly developed white yam genotypes I: Analysis using genotype main effect and genotype – by environment interaction (GGE Biplot) model

Somatic chromosome counts and yield performance of some accessions of ‘EGUSI\' melon ( Citrus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum & Nakai)

Chromosome studies in Sesamum indicum

Association of yield with some agronomic characters in potatoes in a cool mid-altitude location

Comparison of Joint Regressing Analysis (JRA) and additive main effect and multiplication interaction (AMMI) model in the study of GXE interaction in soybean

Variability pattern within 65 accessions of African wild vigna - Vigna ambacensis Baker

Variability and correlation studies in seed quality of West African Okra ( Abelmoschus caillei (A.Chev.) Stevels) accessions

Strain and age of Dam effect on the reproductive and internal egg quality traits of crossbred chicken

On-Farm evaluation of interspecific rice hybrids for stable performance on fertilizer and no fertilizer environments

Genetic parameters for pregnancy rate in Holstein cattle under seasonal heat stress

Evaluation of tomato accessions for resistance to Pseudomonas solanacearum (Smith) casual organism of bacterial wilt and for yield in a tropical climate

Karyotype analysis of Vigna unguiculata spp sesquipedalis and Vigna oblongifolia

Genetics of seed size in tropical soybean (Glycine max (L) Merril)

Effect of sire strains on egg production traits of crossbred chicken in South-West of Nigeria

Inheritance of pod and seed yield characters in West African okra ( Abelmoschus caillei ): Generation mean analysis

Karyotype studies in Panicum maximum Jacq.

Segregation pattern of pubescence, pigmentation and pod orientation genes in West African okra ( Abelmoschus caillei [A. Chev.] stevels).

Genetic analysis of pod-tip and clayx pigmentation in cowpea

Heritability and combining ability of seedling emergence, grain yield and related characteristics in six tropical soybean ( Glycine max L. Merr) cultivars

Studies of flowering pattern in cashew ( Anarcardium occidentale L.)

Cytogenetic studies of F1 hybrids between cowpea ( Vigna unguiculata L. Walp and V. rhomboidea Burtt Davy)

Cytogenic analysis of branching traits and inheritance pattern in a cross of branching and non-branching cowpea ( Vigna unguiculata L. Walp)

Inheritance pattern of quantitative characters crosses of Lycopersicon species

Meitoic and pollen studies on some F1 hybrids between Sesamum inndicum and Sesamum radiatum

Correlation between some weaning traits in domestic rabbit in Nigeria

Litter growth and waning characteristics in two generations of straightbred and cross bred rabbits

Studies on embruogeneis for induction of polyploidy and diploid mitpgynogesis in Heterobranchus longifilis (Pisces: Clariidae )

Uses and variation in some under-exploited leaf vegetables of Osun State, Nigeria

Screening Pearl Millet for resistance to Striga hermonthica in Sahel ecology of Northern Nigeria

Enhancing research on plantain, Musa paradisiacal L. through molecular cytogenetics

Characterization of Digitaria exilis (Kipp) StapF and D. iburua Stapf Accessions

Stages in the normal embryonic development of Heterobranchus longifilis (Valenciennes, 1840)

Multivariate analysis of pollination and seed characters in Hevea brasiliensis (Muell.Arg.)

Genetic distance between West African Dwarf (WAD) and Yankasa sheep in the South West Nigeria

Interspecific Hybridazation between Cola acuminatat and Cola nitida : I. A backcross to the C. nitida paternal parent

Genotype x Environment interaction for pod yield of groundnut varieties in Southern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria

Variation with Vigna Reticulata Hooker FII

Inheritance of pubescences in crosses between Cowpea ( Vigna unquiculata (L)) WAIP) and V. Rhomboidea Burtt. Davy

Performance of medium duration lowland rice ( Oryza sativa ) genotypes and correlation studies evaluated under rainfed conditions in Southern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria

Ammi analysis of maize yield trials in South-Western Nigeria

Segregation of genes controlling seed coat colour in Cowpea ( Vigna unquiculata (L) Walp.

Inheritance of seed size in Vigna species

Homogeneity test of anthocyanin genes among segregating cowpea families

Morphometric characteristics, survival and growth of hybrids between Claria anguillaris (Linaeus, 1758) and Heterobranchus longifilis (Valenciennes, 1840)

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