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Nigerian Journal of Ophthalmology

Nigerian Journal of Ophthalmology

The impact of cataract surgery on subjective visual functions and quality of life in patients with cataract in Northwestern Nigeria

Visual outcomes after phacoemulsification with AcrySof toric intraocular lens implantation

Epidemiological study and treatment outcome of primary ocular and adnexal malignancies in a rural Indian tertiary eye care center

Pattern of ocular pathologies diagnosed with B-scan ultrasonography in a hospital in rural India

Fish hook injury of eyelid: An unusual case

Management of perforated mooren's ulcer with a rotational scleral autograft in Abuja

Ocular injuries: Another example of the heavy prize of terrorism

A case report of traumatic dislocation of eyeball

Pituitary adenoma misdiagnosed as glaucoma in an adult Nigerian male

Comprehensive management of pediatric cataract in Africa

Vision survey of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University medical students

Ocular problems among public service retirees in a Southern Nigerian Metropolitan City

Impact of congenital color vision defect on color-related tasks among secondary school students in Ibadan, Southwest Nigeria

Pattern and outcome of conjunctival surgeries in jos university teaching hospital, Jos, Nigeria

Surgical eye removal in Ile-Ife, Nigeria

cytomegalovirus retinitis in an immunocompetent pregnant woman

Iridoschisis in a Nigerian patient

An uncommon case of noninvasive ocular surface squamous neoplasia involving the entire cornea

Presumed optic disc melanocytoma in a young Nigerian: A diagnostic challenge

Spectacles in children- Do's and don'ts

Perceived influence of update courses on part one fellowship examination success

PTERYGIUM: Recent trends and perspectives—A review of pathogenesis and current management options

Pattern of refractive errors among ophthalmic outpatients of University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, Uyo, Nigeria

Knowledge, beliefs, and practices regarding diabetic eye disease among patients with diabetes at the lions diabetic centre, university of calabar teaching hospital, Nigeria

Trabeculectomy for congenital glaucoma in University College Hospital, Ibadan: A 7 year review of cases

Sonographic evaluation of lens thickness in diabetes mellitus in a Nigerian tertiary hospital

Macular changes in diabetic patients using optical coherence tomography and fundus photography

Trachoma prevalence and risk factors in eight local government areas of Zamfara State

Effect of benzalkonium chloride–preserved timolol maleate on dry eye disease in a black African population, southwestern Nigeria

The relationship between vertical cup–disc ratio and body mass index in a population of adult Saudi females

Comparison of endothelial cell loss by specular microscopy between phacoemulsification and manual small-incision cataract surgery

Retinal detachment in morning glory disc anomaly: Prevalence and outcome of treatment

An uncommon case of intraoperative retrobulbar hemorrhage following sub-tenon’s anesthesia: A case report

Orbital kaposi sarcoma in a female retroviral disease negative nigerian and a review of literature

Current trends in the management of Stevens–Johnson syndrome: A call for a paradigm shift in ophthalmic care in Nigeria

Eye removal procedures in Nigeria: A review article

Microbial keratitis—A review of epidemiology, pathogenesis, ocular manifestations, and management

Pattern of ocular abnormalities among students attending schools for the hearing impaired in Ibadan, South-West Nigeria

Peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer and perifoveal macula thickness: which one is more helpful in the early diagnosis of primary open angle glaucoma using optical coherence tomography angiography?

Study of central corneal thickness (CCT) before and after small-incision cataract surgery (SICS) and phacoemulsification surgery

Penetrating ocular injuries in pediatric age group in a rural area of Western Maharashtra, India

The distribution of ocular biometrics among patients undergoing cataract surgery

Causes of visual loss in students attending schools for the blind in South Eastern Nigeria

Lamellar ichthyosis with bilateral ectropion

Ocular trauma from fireworks during diwali festival

Practice of external ocular photography among ophthalmologists in Nigeria, sub-saharan Africa

Advanced squamous cell carcinoma of cornea in a child with Xeroderma Pigmentosa

An unusual case of unilateral multifocal choroiditis in a young male

Pediatric cataract surgery outcomes in Kano, Nigeria

Risk factors associated with amblyopia among primary school pupils in Kosofe town, Lagos state, Nigeria

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