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Nigerian Journal of Paediatrics

Nigerian Journal of Paediatrics

Neurotransmitter and amino acid levels in Nigerian children with autism spectrum disorders

Pre-presentation management, metabolic state and outcome of children admitted for diarrhoea disease in Calabar, Nigeria

Nutritional status and its possible determinants among children attending early child care centres in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

Treatment outcome and abandonment rates in a retrospective cohort of children with Burkitt lymphoma in Kano, Nigeria

A survey of Paediatricians on evidence-based medical practice in Nigeria

An evaluation of phototherapy services in newborn units in Kaduna State Nigeria

Mothers’ awareness and use of zinc in under-five children with diarrhoea in North-Western Nigeria

A randomized controlled trial of the impact of dopamine on outcome of asphyxiated neonates

Incidence and characteristics of neonatal birth injuries in Maiduguri North-Eastern Nigeria

Renal sizes in healthy term newborns in Jos, Nigeria

Renal abnormalities among children with sickle cell anaemia

Methylated spirit versus 4% chlorhexidine gel in neonatal umbilical cord infection: A short report of a randomized, openlabelled, parallel-group trial

Conference summary report of the 10th Annual General and Scientific Meeting of the Nigerian Society of Neonatal medicine (NISONM) held in Ibadan, Nigeria on 4th -7th July, 2017

Availability and distribution of phototherapy services and health care providers for neonatal jaundice in three local government areas in Jos, North - Central Nigeria

Pattern of cardiac diseases among children in a tertiary hospital in North Central, Nigeria: A three and half years retrospective cohort echocardiographic study

Paediatric critical care needs assessment in a tertiary facility in a developing country

Serum total protein and albumin levels among malnourished children aged 6- 59 months in Zaria

Holoprosencephaly sequence with a constellation of anomalies in Yenagoa, a Niger Delta Region: report of two cases

Impact of a child -friendly clinic on retention of HIV-infected children in care: an intervention study

Relationship of socio-economic status and childhood cancer: an in-hospital cross-sectional study in a developing country

Aids-related kaposi’s sarcoma in a four year old child: the challenge of a missed opportunity

Periodic paralysis with generalized epilepsy in a Nigerian child: A case report

Relationship between dietary habits and nutritional status among adolescents in Abuja municipal area council of Nigeria

Seroprevalence of hepatitis B Surface antigen among apparently healthy primary school pupils in Batagarawa Local Government area of Katsina State, Nigeria

Hepatitis c virus antibodies in mother-infant blood pair in Zaria

Evaluation of parental perception of childhood urinary tract infection in Ondo, Southwestern Nigeria

Serum vitamin A levels among malnourished children aged 6 - 59 months in Zaria

Backpack use and associated problems among primary school children in Nigeria: a call to action by stakeholders

Risk factors, pre-presentation management and clinical state of children with diarrhoea presenting in a community cottage hospital

Assessment of Paediatric resident doctors’ knowledge of metered dose inhaler (MDI) device technique and use

Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency; the single most important cause of neonatal hyperbilirubinaemia in Kano, Nigeria

Prevalence of exchange blood transfusion in severe hyperbilirubinaemia and outcome at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital Maiduguri, Northeastern Nigeria

Prevalence and pattern of intestinal parasites among pupils of private and public primary schools in an urban centre, Nigeria

Evaluation of the preparedness of the children’s emergency rooms (CHER) in Southern Nigeria for service delivery

How much do school teachers know about childhood asthma in Ilesa, Nigeria?

Congenital anomalies: Prospective study of pattern and associated risk factors in infants presenting to a tertiary hospital in Anambra State, South-east Nigeria

Staphylococcal septicaemia complicated with purulent pericarditis in an infant: A case report

Neonatal lupus erythematosus in a Nigerian infant

Bruising in children: Evaluation in cases of suspected non-accidental injuries in children (physical child abuse)

Prevalence and comorbidities of childhood overweight and obesity among school aged children in an urban settlement in Benin City, Nigeria

Risk factors for hepatitis B surface antigenaemia among secondary school students in Abakaliki, South Eastern Nigeria

Outcomes of Paediatrics HIV care at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Ituku-Ozalla, Enugu after ten years of service

Prevalence and pattern of bacteraemia among HIV-infected under -five children in a tertiary hospital in Kano, Nigeria

Aplasia cutis congenita in a Nigerian child: A case report

Alagille syndrome in an eleven year old Nigerian child – A case report

Usefulness of peripheral nerve block as an aneasthetic technique in a critically ill Child– A case report

Post exposure prophylaxis against human immunodeficiency virus: Awareness knowledge and practice among Nigerian Paediatricians

An audit of some health facilities and equipment for neonatal resuscitation in south-south Nigeria

Prevention of mother to child transmission of hepatitis B virus infection in Nigeria: A call to action

Prevalence of overall and central obesity among adolescent girls in Port Harcourt: a comparison of different methods

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