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Nigerian Journal of Paediatrics

Periodic paralysis with generalized epilepsy in a Nigerian child: A case report

Authors: IA Imoudu

Journal: Nigerian Journal of Paediatrics

The periodic paralyses are a rare group of muscle channel opathies characterized by intermittent attacks of episodic muscle weakness of variable duration. Typically, symptoms begin in the first or second decade of life. This case describes a 13 year-old girl with generalized epilepsy who presented with a 9- year history of recurrent attacks of inability to walk. Attacks which occurred at a frequency of 2-3 times a year with spontaneous resolution were often triggered by exposure to cold, strenuous exercise and occasionally by convulsions. At presentation, the index episode had been on -going for 2 days. Management of the acute paralytic episode and prophylaxis were accomplished with oral acetazolamide administration. This report underscores the ease with which effective prevention of paralytic episodes in periodic paralyses could be achieved in a resourcepoor setting. Keywords : Periodic paralyses, Channelopathies, Epilepsy, Acetazolamide, Nigerian, Child.