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Nigerian Journal of Paediatrics

Nigerian Journal of Paediatrics

Risk factors for neonatal jaundice in babies presenting at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Benin City

Pattern of congenital heart defects in children with Down syndrome at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, Port Harcourt

Some economic and socio-cultural factors associated with cerebral malaria among under-fives in Benin City, Nigeria.

Socio - demographic characteristics of child street vendors in Nnewi, Nigeria

Caregivers’ satisfaction and supervision of primary health care services in Nnewi, Nigeria

Prevalence of prolonged QTcinterval in electrocardiograms of 1 -12 year-old seizure patients

Paediatrics Health Care in Nigeria: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Knowledge, Acceptance and Practice of Zinc Therapy in Acute Diarrhoea Among Paediatric Doctors in Nigeria

Glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase levels in babies delivered at the University of Ilorin teaching hospital.

Seroprevalence of Varicella Zoster Virus Infection among Primary school Children In Northern Nigeria

Survey of Umbilical Cord care and Separation time in Healthy Newborns in Kano

Juvenile Dermatomyositis in a Nigerian Girl: a Case Report.

Vaccines and immunization: The past, present and future in Nigeria

Ranking of diagnostic features of childhood pulmonary tuberculosis by medical doctors in southeastern Nigeria

Cord care practices among mothers attending immunization clinic at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Benin City.

Sociocultural issues and causes of cerebral palsy in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Tetanus from Intramuscular Quinine Injection InWarri Niger Delta. Case series: A ten year retrospective study

Haematological profile of apparently healthy term babies aged one day, three days and six weeks delivered in Sagamu, Nigeria

Childhood mortality in children emergency centre of the Lagos University Teaching hospital

Rate of isolation of streptococcus species from children with bacterial infections: an indication for introduction of streptococcal vaccines

Unusual presentation of necrotizing fasciitis in an HIV exposed infant: A Case Report.

Perinatal Presentation and Outcome of High Birthweight Infants in Zaria, Nigeria.

Digit-Sucking Among Ibo Infants In Eastern Nigeria

Nocturnal Enuresis And Its Treatment Among Primary School Children In Calabar Nigeria.

Congenital Malaria Among Newborns Admitted for Suspected Neonatal Sepsis In Abuja.

Point-of-admission neonatal hypoglycaemia in a Nigerian tertiary hospital: incidence, risk factors and outcome.

Proximal Focal Femoral Deficiency in Ibadan a Developing Country's Perspective and a Review of the Literature

Congenital tuberculosis: a case report

Duplicate and Redundant Publications: What Authors and Editors need to know?

HIV infection in orphanages in South Western Nigeria

Review Article: Adverse drug reactions in children: Types, incidence and risk factors

Comparative analysis of some haematological indices in children with primary nephrotic syndrome and acute glamerulonephritis

Neonatal mortality at Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital, Sagamu

Nutritional status and intestinal parasitic infestation among Rural Fulani children in Vom, Plateau State

Acute Salmonella typhi acalculous cholecystits

Naphthalene poisonging in Children: a report of two cases

Adverse drug reactions in children: Types, incidence and risk factors

Hyperglycaemia in ill children: study of 13 cases

Prevalence and pattern of akin infections and infestations among primary school pupils in Ijesha land

Wound dehiscences following cataract surgery in children: a report of seven cases

Prune belly syndrome in Sagamu: Report of three cases with typical and atypical features

Urethral duplication with hypospadias repaired by using the Snodgrass procedure

Missed immunization opportunitiess among children in Enugu

Prevalence of adolescent hypertension in Zaria

HIV and tuberculosis co-infection in children: presentation and treatment outcome

Extensive colonic lithobezoar in an HIV positive Rwandan child: a case report

Sever, prolonged neonatal hyperbilirubinaemia and recurrent hypoglycaemia: can this be Galactosaemia?

Challenges in the management of congenital heart deseas in Contemporary Nigeria: An illustrative case of transposition of the Great Arteri

A ten year review of Paediatric HIV/AIDS among hospitalized children in a Nigerian Teaching Hospital

Major malformations of the Central Nervous System as seen at The University Teaching Hospital, Ilorin

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