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Nigeria Journal of Pure and Applied Physics

Nigeria Journal of Pure and Applied Physics

Reduced-to-sea-level value of microwave radio refractivity over three stations in Nigeria

Utilization of some non-edible oil for biodiesel production

Transfer factor of radionuclides from soil-to-palm oil produced from Elere palm tree plantation near Ibadan Oyo state, Nigeria

Radiological and related chemical health impact assessments of uranium in pipe borne water from some waterworks in Lagos metropolis, Nigeria

Closed-shell variational quantum Monte Carlo simulation for the electric dipole moment calculation of hydrazine molecule using casino-code

ARMAX, OE and SSIF model predictors for power transmission and distribution predictions in Akure and its environs in Nigeria

Design, construction and evaluation of a meteorological mobile mast

Optical, electrical and solid state properties of nano crystalline zinc sulphide thin films for device applications

Radionuclide analysis of drinking water in selected secondary schools of Epe local government area, Lagos state, Nigeria

Fading of radio signals from spaced synchronous satellites: dependence on source coordinates

Atmospheric radio refractivity and water vapour density at Oshodi and Kano, Nigeria

Cost-to-worth value engineering analysis of manufacturing industries in Akure South LGA, Nigeria

Variations of surface temparature with solar activity at two stations in the tropics

Goeelectric investigation of bedrock structures in the mini-campus of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Southwestern Nigeria and the geotechnical significance

Some solar radiation ratios and their interpretations with regards to radiation transfer in the atmospher

The development of the instrumentation and control system for a palm kernel nuts drier

Analytical derivation of and simulation on current voltage characteristics equation of a solar cell

Determination of aquifer units using vertical electrical sounding technique: a case study of federal low cost housing estate, Okeho, SW Nigeria

Activation energy of psuedobinary alloy of Al-Bi-Se mixed systems

Thermal properties of an agricultural site in Ile-Ife, Nigeria

The structural significance of seismic velocity reversals - an overview

Elastic-wave and related properties of clastic rocks from a part of Niger Delta, Nigeria

Turbulent boundary layer approaches to resistance coefficient in quasi-rough circular pipes and gravel bed rivers

An Analytical Method For The Solution Of Reactor Dynamic Equations

Design And Performance Characteristics Of Palm Kernel Nuts Drier

Design And Construction Of A Die Casting Mould Suitable For Production Of Various Sizes Of Key Blanks

Finite Element Modelling Of Solidification Of Zinc Alloy

Rain-Induced Propagation Parameters For Earth-Space Communication In Nigeria

Quantification of Spectrum Utilization

Delination of Fault Assisted Aquifer Using Tripotential Wenner Array-technique Around Ita-oniyan Industrial Layout , Akure, Nigeria

Solar Activity and Total Column Ozone Variation in Lagos, Nigeria

Solution Grotwh, Characterization and Possible Applications of Beryllium Fluoride (BeF2) Thin Films Deposited at 320K and at pH of 7 - 12

Preliminary Study of the Trends in Monovacancy Formation Energy of Metals

Natural Radionuclides Content of some Local Cereals in Akura, South Western Nigeria

Mathematical Modelling of Aluminiun Surface when Dipped in Molten Metal

Electrical Properties of Antimony (Sb) Metal Contacts to Silicon (Si) Thin Films

Some Aspects of the Sediment Transport Capacities of Ogbese and Owena Rivers

Design and Construction of an Infrared Activated Entrance and Exit Counting Device

The Abnormal Quiet Days in SQ(H) in Mid and Low Latitudes Regions

Latitudinal Geomagnetic Variation in H on Quiet Days at Equatorial Stations

Studies of Super-Refractivity and Ducting of Radiowaves in Nigeria

Measurement of Ground Electrical Conductivity for Planning Medium Wave Radio Broadcast Stations in South Western Nigeria

Soybean Oil as an Alternative to Soluble Oil in Machining Mild Steel Materials

Development of Electron-positron Screened Pseudopotential

Investigation of Transmission Impairments on Bauchi F. M. Broadcast through Field Strength Measurements

Low-latitude Model Electron Density Profiles using the IRI and CCIR Models

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