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Nigerian Journal of Parasitology

Evaluating Trichomonas vaginalis infection in pregnant women from two health facilities, Sokoto, Nigeria

Authors: V.E. Ukatu, I Nebenu, C.G. Chilaka, O.A. Attah

Journal: Nigerian Journal of Parasitology

This study was conducted to determine the prevalence and factors that promote the transmission of Trichomonas vaginalis among pregnant women in Sokoto metropolis using High Vaginal Swab (HVS) and urine samples. Samples were collected from 100 pregnant women within the age of 18-50 years in Mabera Clinic and Maryam Abacha Women and Children Hospital (MAWCHS) using sterile speculum for HVS and sample bottles for urine. Participation was voluntary. Of the 100 women, 17(17%) were infected overall, while 7(7.0%) had infection only in their vaginal swab, 3 (3.0%) only in their urine and 7 (7.0%) in both urine and vaginal swab. Vaginal swabs significantly recorded more infections than urine samples ( p <0.05). Women aged 32-38 had highest prevalence, 6(30.0%) and those in 1st trimester were more infected than others. Women who use pit latrine were more infected, 15(22.1%) than those who use water system and open space, and those from polygamous marriages of 3 wives to one husband recorded highest infection rates 5(33.3%). The difference in infection rates based on age, trimester, lavatory type and form of marriage were however not statistically significant ( p >0.05). Women age, lack of proper toilet facilities, and form of marriage with multiple sexual partners could be factors’ influencing the disease transmission in the study area and adequate health education is recommended, especially amongst young women and those from polygamous forms of marriage. Keywords: T. vaginalis ; vaginal swabs; pregnant women