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Nigerian Journal of Physics

Effects of deformation on the energies of metals

Perturbation Calculation of two-electron interaction in the ground of the Hubbard Model

Chemical Bath Deposition and characterization of CdS – PbS thin films.

The relationship between the semi-empirical and the embedded atom model usually employed in total energy calculation .

Uphole seismic refraction survey for determination of Near subsurface velocities in Eziobodo and its Environs Imo state southeastern Nigeria

Integrating and Promoting Wind – Tide Energy for Renewable electricity Production and Sustainable Development in Nigeria

Apparent Jet Speed as a Function of Distance from the Core in Powerful Radio Sources

Development of a microcontroller - based protective Circuit for a direct current -to- alternating current Converter system

Detection and characterization of near surface structures using seismic refraction around Shika, Nigeria.

A seismic refraction study of the boundary between Bida basin and adjoining Zaria basement complex, Nigeria.

Integrated geophysical approach in groundwater exploration of WallaB, Gwoza local government area of Borno state, Nigeria.

Magnetic Analysis to Determine the Permeability of a Geothermal Reservoir: Case Study of the Ikogosi Warm Spring Area, Ekiti, South-Western Nigeria.

Rotation Measure Distribution in Compact Steep-steep Spectrum Sources

Results for equispaced level conduction band quantum well (QW) with some ternary alloys, A x B 1-x C.

Properties of Chemically Synthesized Nanostructured Copper (II) Oxide Thin Film

American Institute of Physics demonstrates us more cost-efficient Selenium solar cells

Measurement of environmental radiation levels and contour map development for the northern zone of Adamawa state, Nigeria

Chemical bath deposition and characterization of PbS – Cu S thin films

Second vertical derivative of potential fields using an adaptation of spline theory

A continental structural junction: Evidence of shallow crustal discontinuities deduced from the gravity data over the Niger – Benue troughs (confluence) area, Nigeria

Gravity and geothermal anomalies in Borno Basin, Nigeria

Sand – shaliness evaluation of part of Bornu basin using well log data

The use of uphole method in the mapping of the thickness and velocity of the low velocity layer in parts of Eastern Niger Delta, Nigeria

Atmospheric concentrations of particulate phase of PAHs and their possible sources, in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

A study of the sand and gravel deposits around the permanent site of the Federal Unviersity of Tehcnology, Owerri using the vertical electrical sounding (VES) technique

Design and implementation of a smart card based billing system for petroleum dispenser

Effects of gamma radiolysis on the D.C. electrical properties of Benzene

Correlation between the viscosity and quality of palm wine and palm oil

Assessment of elemental composition and distribution of some fertilizers used in Nigeria

Development of an electronic measurement circuit for cardiac potentials

Evaluation of commercial fertilizer in Nigeria for norms using NaI gamma spectromerty technique

Contribution of fibre-cement building material to environmental radioactivity

Solar electricity potentials and optimal angles for mounting solar panels in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria

Excited state dipole polarizabilities and moments by solvent spectral frequency shifts: P-Benzoquinone, anthraquinone and 2, 3-Dichloro-5, 6-Dicyno-P-Benzoquinone

Deep level states in SnS thin film

Measurement of thickness of PbS thim films prepated by chemical bath deposition on sensitized and unsensitized substrates

Development of model equations for the estimation of corrosion susceptibility of Al-ZN duplex alloy systems in Brine

solution growth and characterization of copper oxide thin films

Effects of temperature and thiiourea on the growth rate of cadmium sulphide thin films designed for effective control of solar radiation in the tropics

Electrical and optical characteristics of cadmium sulphide thin films for space cooling in the tropicas

Referenced solar-related astronomical parameters for Nigerian latitudes and longitudes

Trend studies of some meteological parameters in Calabar, Nigeria

Temperature and precipitation relation in the Sub-Sahel

Analysis of radiosonde data on tropospheric water vapour in Nigeria

measurements and analysis of some meteorological elements in Uturu, Nigeria

Dependence of UV-B radiation on ozone concentration and solar zenith angle at three african stations

Element characterization of african cuttlefish, Sepia bertheloti from the coastal waters off Qua Iboe River, Nigeria, using energy dispersive x-ray flourescence technique

Successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction deposition of cadmium sulphide thin films

Determination of radioactivity levels in groundwater in a part of the basement complex terrain of Ilorin, Nigeria

Study of nitrate contamination of groundwater in a part of the basement complex terrain of Ilorin, West of central Nigeria

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