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Nigerian Journal of Plastic Surgery

Nigerian Journal of Plastic Surgery

Combined turnover and deltopectoral flap in closure of persistent pharyngocutaneous fistu

Early experience with tangential excision and skin grafting of deep dermal burns of the hand among diabetics and nondiabetics

University students and cosmetic surgery in Nigeria: A survey of perception, attitudes, and experiences

The relationship between cleft width and oronasal fistula

A simple penile dressing following hypospadias repair: Our institutional experience

Malignant melanoma in a Nigerian oculocutaneous albino

A rare case: Avulsion amputation of the hand with degloving of the soft tissues from the level of the arm

Recalcitrant finger ulcer in HIV patient; think herpetic whitlow, save the finger

Reverse vastus lateralis musculocutaneous flap for Marjolin's ulcer over the knee joint

An innovative method of repeated tie-over dressing for fixation of skin graft

Lower limb reconstruction using propeller flaps

Single cephalic vein as the only draining vein of radial forearm free flap: A comparative study of 154 cases

Management of Achilles tendon injuries: Current trends

Final functional outcome in a case of wrist drop

An analysis of skin cancer in albinos in Ibadan

Post burn digital contracture our way: The pains, The gains

Satisfaction of plastic surgeons with job, working environment, and practice in Nigeria: A pilot study

Pattern of hand injuries seen in the accident and emergency unit of an urban orthopedic hospital

Reconstruction of soft tissue defects in the distal third of the leg, ankle, and foot: A meta-analysis

Van Der Woude syndrome and choanal atresia: Any association? A case report

Experience with a two-stage nasal reconstruction with the paramedian forehead flap

Split-hand/Split-foot malformation

Amniotic band syndrome in a Nigerian cleft patient: A case report

Psychiatric morbidity and quality of life among mothers of children with orofacial cleft disorders in Enugu: A pilot study

Impact of burn unit routine on outcome: A 5-year experience

Inventory of potential reconstructive needs in patients with post-burn contractures

Management of lower extremity soft-tissue sarcoma in a sub-Saharan African teaching hospital: Case reports

Use of amnion graft and surgicel in vaginoplasty for secondary vaginal atresia: A case report

Management challenges of complicated lactational breast abscess in a tertiary health facility in a resource-constrained environment

Building capacity for aesthetic surgery in Nigeria: perspectives from the cosmetic surgery fellowship at the Ivo Pitanguy Institute Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Split-thickness skin grafting: A modest technique for scrotal reconstruction in patients of Fournier’s gangrene

Tubularized incised plate urethroplasty (Snodgrass procedure) for distal penile hypospadias: A regional center experience

The effectiveness of saline washout in the management of exytravasation of cytotoxics

Cenani–Lenz syndrome: A case report

Experience with management of nasal defects

To evaluate effectiveness of flap surgery in patients of grades 3 and 4 pressure ulcers

Epidemiology of hand burns among children in Zaria, Northwestern Nigeria

The cost of burn wound care in low-income nations could be reduced with the use of palm kernel oil: A preliminary study

Diffuse hemangioma of penis, scrotum, perineum, and anal canal—A rare case report

Leg ulcer in postgastrocnemius flap patient: A case report

Challenges of limb salvage in a resource limited environment: Case report and review of literature

V–Y advancement gluteus maximus fasciocutaneous flap—A useful flap for sacral defects

Use of domestic negative pressure wound therapy in traumatic wounds for a cost-effective wound closure

A rare case of cell phone blast injury to the hand

The surgical complications of pentazoine addiction among health workers in the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Teaching Hospitals

Chronic leg ulcers in patients with sickle cell anemia: Experience with compression therapy in Nigeria

Outcome of proximally based sural artery flap for the coverage of defects around knee joint

Management of hypospadias in a resource-poor setting: The Ibadan experience

Clinical photography and video recordings in plastic surgery: Patient autonomy and informed consent in an era of smartphone technology and social media in sub-Saharan Africa

Two-stage reconstruction of composite soft tissue and bone defects in open fracture of the calcaneus: Case report and literature review

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