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Nigerian Journal of Surgical Sciences

Nigerian Journal of Surgical Sciences

Ocular sonography: The experience in Lagos

Ondontogenic tumours in Nigerian children and adolescents

Oesaphageal intubation for cancerous obstruction

Aetiology and complications of ocular trauma

Eye complications among Nigerian diabetics: Experience from Western Nigeria

Pathology of common non-neoplastic diseases of the uterine cervix in Nigeria

Live advanced abdominal prgnancy: A case report

Heterotopic pregnancy in a natural conception cycle: A case report

Ileosigmoid Knotting

Brachial Plexus Block: a safe ambulatory anaesthetic technique in high risk chronic renal failure

An audit of ophthalmic laser procedures at an International Outreach Eye Camp

Knowledge and attitude to Ultrasonography among pregnant women in South Eastern Nigeria

Plastibell circumcision: a six-year experience

Safe prostatic biopsy: Point of technique

Awareness and attitude of informed hospital personnel towards cornea donation and corneal graft

Eye safety practices in a rural Nigerian population viewing solar eclipses

Fibula head tumours

Abdomino-pelvic haematoma: an unusual cause of acute urinary retention in women: case report

Successful medical management of unruptured corneal ectopic pregnancy: a case report

Prenatally diagnosed posterior urethral valve obstruction: a case report

Operating Room Deaths

Breast Cancer in Young Nigerian Women

Management of Giant Cell Tumour: A Nigerian Experience

An Evaluation of Open Tracheostomy in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Non-Laser Management of Post-Extraction Opacification of the Posterior Capsule.

Benign Breast Masses in Nigeria

Peripheral False Aneurysms: An Evolution Of Precedent Vascular Injury

Gallbladder Carcinoma Unassociated With Cholelithiasis:

Spinal (Intrathecal) Ketamine Anaesthesia for Upper Abdominal Surgery – Case Report.

Giant Solitary Hepatocellular Carcinoma. A Case Report.

The Timing of Surgery and Salvable Vision in Pituitary Adenoma

Eye Care Preferences Among Rural Nigerians

Thyroid surgery: Wound closure without skin clips

Cancellous bone autografts: Donor sites, indications, techniques and complications

Head injury: Calabar Teaching Hospital experience

Lung carcinoma in the Igbos

Safer Amputations: A review o f 158 cases

Domestic injuries in childhood in Lagos, Nigeria

Open globe injuries

Giant cranio-facial lesions in Northern Nigeria

The welders protective goggles: An evaluation of its appreciation

Sigmoid volvulus in mid western Nigeria

Intrajejunal surgical sponge: A case report

Osteotomy induced compartment syndrome: A case Report

Multiple postoperative jejuno-jejunal intussusceptions- A case report

Ocular Diseases in HIV/AIDS

A profile of the theatre procedures in paediatrict ophthalmic practice

Repair of filtering bleb leak with conjunctival grafts: report on initial experience

Blunt abdominal splenic injury

Perineal anterior dislocation of the hip with avulsion fracture of greater trachnanter in a child

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