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Nigerian Journal of Technological Development

Nigerian Journal of Technological Development

Bridge Grillage Analysis using Finite Element Methods

Performance Evaluation of Machine Learning Techniques for Identifying Forged and Phony Uniform Resource Locators (URLs)

Development of Internet Protocol Traceback Scheme for Detection of Denial-of-Service Attack

Performance Review of Selected Topology-Aware Routing Strategies for Clustering Sensor Networks

Experimental Evaluation of Solar/Gas HybridPowered Absorption Air Conditioning System

Fault-Tolerant Capability and Torque-Speed Measurements of Permanent Magnet Brushless AC Machines

Tectono-Metamorphic Deformation and Structures of Mubi-Hong Area, NE, Nigeria

Simplex Lattice Design Models for the Determination of Modulus of Rupture of Concretes

Development and performance evaluation of portable liquid soap making machine for small and medium scale industry

Assessment of noise from transportation systems in Ilorin, Nigeria

Characterization and analysis of propagation time delay range within NigComSat-1R footprints

Physio-chemical and microstructural characteristics of selected pozzolanic materials for cement and concrete production

Review of selected bio-wastes as potential materials for alkali-activation for cement-based products

Energy harvesting from household heat sources using a thermoelectric generator module

Engineering geophysical evaluation of suspected weak foundation soils at National Theatre Iganmu, Lagos, Nigeria

Hydrologic and morphometric analysis of Ofu River Sub-Basin using remote sensing and Geographic Information System

Oil extraction from butter fruit ( Dacryodes edulis ) seeds and its optimization via response surface and artificial neural network

Assessing the surface rainwater harvesting potential for Abuja, Nigeria: a short-term projection

Pyrolysis and characterization of Jatropha curcas shell and seed coat

Design recommendation for steel beams subject to impact load to prevent brittle fracture

Numerical analysis of structures of revolution using universal matrices approach

Propagation measurements of a 4G LTE network in Lagoon environment

Optimal reconfiguration of radial distribution networks using improved genetic algorithm

Optimization of biogas production through selection of appropriate Inoculum-to-Substrate ((I/S) ratio

Land use-land cover effects on surface flowing water quality: a statistical approach

Effect of transmission power control on the MAC layer of wireless sensor nodes

Beneficiation of Barite Ore from Azara in Nassarawa State, Nigeria, using froth flotation

A Fractional Variable Partial Update Least Mean Square Algorithm (FVPULMS) for communication channel estimation

Improving rheological properties of Gambe clay for drilling fluid application using fermentable polymers

A modified energy efficient multi-hop routing protocol in wireless sensor networks

Soft-output maximum-likelihood detector for quadrature spatial modulation

Investigative Study on the Use of De-Oiled Palm Kernel Cake for Biogas Production

Visualisation of Uncertainty in 30m Resolution Global Digital Elevation Models: SRTM v3.0 and ASTER v2

Influence of Magnetic Field and Thermal Radiation on Steady Free Convective Flow in a Porous Medium

Preparation and Evaluation of Electrical Properties of Plastic Composites Developed from Recycled Polystyrene and Local Clay

Study of Breakage Tendencies of Palm Kernel, Coconut and Periwinkle Shells using Ball-Milling Process

Properties of rice husk ash concrete with periwinkle shell as coarse aggregates

Geoelectrical assessment of groundwater potential at Ewuloja and its environs in Simawa Area, southwestern Nigeria

Extraction of silica from cassava periderm using modified sol-gel method

Two-step load balancing scheme for fairness improvement in HetNets

Clustering by partitioning around medoids using distance-based similarity measures on interval-scaled variables

Assessment of fine aggregates from different sources in Ibadan and environs for concrete production

Development of rating curve for Ofu River at Oforachi Hydrometric Station

Mechanistic evaluation of the effect of calcium carbide waste on properties of asphalt mixes

Optimization of dye removal from textile wastewater using activated carbon from sawdust

Improvement of Torque Production in Single-Phase Induction Motors

Description of soft sediment deformational structure of the Campano-Maastrichtian Gombe formation of the Northern Benue Trough, N.E. Nigeria

Assessment of Quality of Asphalt Concrete used in Road Construction in South West Nigeria

Removal of Lead and Chromium from Aqueous Solution onto Flamboyant ( Delonix regia) Pod Activated Carbon

A Review of Field Corrosion Control and Monitoring Techniques of the Upstream Oil and Gas Pipelines

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